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Things you must do when you are bored – Little prank- Accidental poop

28 Dec

Well my defense is that people SHOULDN’T have a little doze when I’m around at CHRISTMAS time!!!! Seriously, this Christmas tradition to eat, drink and sleep……is driving me craaaazyyyyyyyyy I’m REALLY having trouble to resist doing little pranks!!! I thought it already became EVERYONE’S common knowledge by now….that……I’m a TINY MISCHIEVOUS girl who LOVES little pranks….

But Mr.TT wasn’t careful enough. He was at Hanamitiii’s place around Christmas time……He told me that he felt a bit tired….and went to sleep like a random bear. Well things happened after he slept….I was kinda bored and a little naughty thought crossed my mind.



I had tryied to shake this naughty thought off so many times, BUT, BUT, BUUUUUUTTTT, TT didn’t wake up and I was really bored. It was time.

I’m sorry but it’s partly your fault, TT.It was REAL hard to hold myself together and NOT to giggle or laugh. BUT lemme tell you one thing. This prank is the easiest and funniest one on this planet 🙂

When TT found this drawing he didn’t look like he really appreciated it…. This reaction made me feel that I wanna make it normal practice at Hanamitiii place, for sure!

I, Hanamitiii am still looking for this opportunity. EVERYONE, watch out when you sleep 🙂


Christmas Greeting

24 Dec

Have a exciting and crazy Christmas Eve and have a nice and happy Christmas day. AND don’t forget to eat all left overs and relax on Boxing day 🙂

To save trees and electricity, I’ve decided to be a Christmas Tree this year. If you bump into me, please don’t forget put some decoration or presents on me!!! I will be all around in Singapore 🙂

Happy Christmas people!

Today’s Mr.Sheep

20 Dec

Eating a special dark chocolate cake

Mr.Hand’s murmur

17 Dec

Saya capek………

The Bulldog

14 Dec


Today’s Mr.Sheep

11 Dec

Having a pizza PATAAAAYYY 🙂

Mr.Hand’s defense

8 Dec

What??!! I didn’t say she is FAT, I said she look healthy!!!!