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Today’s Mr.Sheep

29 Jan

Doin’ super hard core’s rolling exercise!!!!


Mr.Hand’s murmur

26 Jan

Seriously, some people just don’t deserve forgiveness.

———Happy Lunar New Year——–2012———-

23 Jan

The people who are celebrating this day! 🙂 Happy Lunar New Year!!!!!!!! Wish you guys all the best!!!!

Today’s Mr.Sheep

18 Jan

Removing unnecessary hairs with Wax Strips.




15 Jan


Movie preview – Wana watch a different kind of thrilling action movie? Then get out of your house to watch this movie: “CONTRABAND”!!!

12 Jan

This movie is a remake of the thriller film “Reykjavik-Rotterdam”, directed by Baltasar Kormákur set in New Orleans and Panama, which is rarely seen in major films. Sequences feature the Panama Canal, the soaring sky and reeking slums. Probably this is the reason this movie has such a different atmosphere compared with other major movies.  The film is about the underground world of international smuggling full of desperate criminals and corrupt officials, high risks and high returns where lots of betrayal exists and death is just one wrong turn away.

Chris (Mark Wahlberg) left a life of smuggling and crime to have peaceful life with his family. However, Chris is forced back into an old criminal world after his brother-in-law, Andy (Caleb Landry Jones), failed a drug deal for his brutal boss, Tim (Giovanni Ribisi).

Chris tried to settle this issue. However, Tim would not accept any other options but instant cash. Past legendary smuggler Chris contacted with his “old friends” to pay off Andy’s debt. His best friend, Sebastian (Ben Foster) was there to help Chris too. It was suggested to Chris to do a drug deal in order to pay off the debt, but instead he decided to bring fake American currency from Panama.With good friend Danny (Lukas Haas) and worrying Andy, Chris signed on to a vessel commanded by a stern captain (G.K. Simmons) who has hard feelings to Chris because of Chris’s notorious father. Chris and his old friends prepare a place to hide fake bills from the captain as well as from customs authorities in this vessel.

Chris sets everything in place and he even prepared for the return trip. Things went on as they planned. However, everything started to fall apart when they arrived at Panama.The fake money that he arranged to buy was there. However, after being examined with a drop of iodine, he found out they were not printed on starch-free paper stock. The fake money was no good. Chris had no choice but to contact with a dangerous gangster who makes good quality fake bills.Chris knew the gangster from his smuggling days, so things seemed easy until he discovered that his cash to buy fake money was stolen by freaked out Andy (he had been threatened by Tim) and at this point he had no choice but assist in criminal with gang starts.Meanwhile Chris’s wife Kate (Kate Beckinsale) and their 2 sons were terrorized by Tim and others gangs and even by Sebastian too! The film just takes twist after twist!

Is he able to go back to the US with the fake money? Could his family survive? You will have no time to even go to the bathroom! Watch the film and find out the ending by yourself 🙂

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Hot Butt!!!!!

7 Jan

Yes it was my bad…….I became the laziest person on this planet recently and haven’t upload anything about 2 frogs. I didn’t realize this fact until Mr.Black Frog became REAL needy and scary. I wasn’t sure why he took my bangle as hostage but when he did I could tell how desperate he was.

I don’t know if he knew that we hadn’t been active recently but unfortunately there is NOTHING to write about him. I was sending him this signal BUT obviously he didn’t get ANY of my message. I sat down with him and explained about the situation at great length but obviously he didn’t get what I mean…. He really should be more understanding! After the longest talk he finally agreed that it is okay to upload his favorite picture. BELIEVE ME, I wasn’t at all sure about his picture and title BUT I had no choice but taking this offer, I didn’t wana waste any of my time by just discussing things with this creature.

Here is the picture of Mr.Black Frog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!