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Mr.Hand’s little greeting

31 Mar



Today’s Mr.Sheep

28 Mar

Fighting over the remote controller with Mr.Frog……..


24 Mar


Movie preview – Looking for heart-warming story? Well this is definately the one you should watch! -Salmon fishing in the Yemen

20 Mar

Together with OMY (, I had a great opportunity to watch this fablous movie, I would love to thank to OMY again, THAAANK YOU!!!!

This movie is based on a novel of the same name by Paul Torday.The movie version of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a unique blend of drama, romance and comedy. Hence this movie’s topic is sensitive. Probably it is suitable for adults rather than teens or children. Although topic is quite heavy, I can guarantee this film bring you those sweet surprises, inspiration and arose your emotion.Dr. Alfred Jones (Ewan McGregor) is a fishing expert who is having a complicated marriage and does a menial cubicle office job. Meanwhile, Harriet Chetwode Talbot (Emily Blunt) is a PR consultant who represents the Sheikh Muhammad (Amr Waked) and is going through her own personal drama as the budding romance with her boyfriend who is suddenly put on hold when he’s called to duty in Afghanistan.

It does give nothing but big shock, when Harriet tells Alfred that billionaire Sheikh wants to bring fish to the desert. Alfred just ignore this offer.

Meanwhile, the prime minister’s secretary/spokeswoman Patricia Maxwell (Kristin Scott Thomas) who is very good at her job is looking for some juicy and nice story of Britain and Yemen’s relationship because these two countries are having tension. And finally she finds one. The salmon project! She never expresses desire for a higher purpose, only mission she has is to getting the job done. Her witty comments often attributed to these moments and there are plenty of great lines by Alfred and Patricia to keep us smiling.Being pushed by Harriet and Patricia, Alfred still keeps trying not to take on this project. However, when he sees Sheikh, gradually things start to change.  Sheikh has amazing philosophy and willing to do whatever it takes to make his dream come true, Harriet and Alfred are bring into the middle of this hopeless project that soon turns into a passion for all three of them.Later on the plot, you will encounter a terrorist group plotting the assassination of the Sheikh. It makes us worry about this idealistic man and the plans he has for the country, culture he loves and belongs to!

After watching the movie for a while, you will notice, Alfred and Harriet, need to have some excuse to escape from the cages they are in, and a Sheikh’s dream give them the perfect opportunity. Their passion for this massive project gives them a distraction in their life and also their feelings to each other grow during this project.Other than this plot, I would think, you can also enjoy the actors’ great performance. The selection of actors is excellent. Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor, those two can definitely play a great everyday people. Because those two do well-rounded performances, they can avoid acting the clichéd way these things seem to go. Kristin Scott Thomas Patricia as Maxwell is also wonderfully played. She is probably one of the few colorful characters in this movie.

Does the project succeed? What will happen between Harriet and Alfred? Wondering about how the actors are like? Well, check it out by yourself! This movie will be released in Singapore 22nd of March 2012! 🙂

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Today’s Mr.Sheep

16 Mar

Ambushed by Mr.Frog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Find Mr.Black Frog

8 Mar

I haven’t taken two little frogs outside quite long time. Well, well…..the reason was because Singapore was in the middle of raining season. I was afraid if I took those 2 wild frogs outside, they would go way too wild with amazing amount of rain.  If I had nothing to do, probably I didn’t mind to take them outside, but lemme make you some excuse.

“I WAS BLOODY BUSY!” Trust me, I’ve got important things to do other than chasing crazy frogs 😦

It was super sunny day so I decided to go for walk with 2 frogs…….However the frastration of 2 frogs must have been grate, the minute I open the door, both of them jumped out. Luckily I could catch Mr.Frog however, super fit Mr.Black Frog was way too quick to catch…….

Can you please find Mr.Black Frog with me?


4 Mar