Shopping with Mr.Frog

2 Apr

Mr.Frog looks real active with Facebook and Twitter things recently. I’m pretty sure I have NEVER given him a permission to use those account freely, my frustration was growing slowly and slowly……Whether he has noticed my frustration or not, he started to stare at me with UNUSUAL beady eyes last night….To keep my sanity and have a good night sleep, I thought it’s better take him out.Believe me it was not that easy to take a frog shopping who has NEVER been such a busy place!!! I think I did make a right decision not to take him those POSH shops. Last night, I took him to one of big Market in Singapore, in case Mr.Frog behave weird.

Mr.Frog seems okay from beginning, I was half surprised and pleased at the same time. A frog can be a gentle man now and then. 🙂HOWEVER, this comfortable time didn’t continue so long. I don’t know why but Mr.Frog went  TOTAL nuts when we came to a random market’s clothes shop.

He started to jump on those random stuff in the shop and wouldn’t let them go!!! HE SHOULD KNOW, people who works those shops can be REAL scary sometimes. Either they give us AWFUL evil eyes or say something in their own language in a VERY scary way 😦 Luckily, before random staff started to shout at me, I was managed to leave the shop with a lousy frog….. 

It wasn’t easy since Mr.Frog was being SUPER stubborn. At first, I pulled him really hard but he didn’t let clothes go!! I tried to talk with him like adults but he wouldn’t listen to. In a minute I thought, it might be better leave this frog behind and forget about everything. But loyal chick like Hanamitiii could NEVER do such a thing.

I felt like I was staying there FOREVER, in the end I managed to convince him nicely and came home with him.

Oh man. It was like a dangerous adventure (DEFINITELY NOT IN A GOOD WAY)…..It was a defo night for good TEQUILA!!!!!!


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