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Today’s Mr.Sheep

29 Jun



Mr.Hand’s confusion

25 Jun

Oh my god, I think I was drinking tequila shots with TOTAL strangers last night……….Who were they!!!???!!!!!!!!!!

Hair of the moly mole – Difficult decision pt.2

21 Jun

——————Oh mole——————-Goshy-golly!!! Another difficult decision 😦 

“HAIR OF THE MOLY MOLE” or should I say “Hair in the mole? or hair with the male?”……..Mole of the hair….Oh no, distracted again. What I want to say is the difficulty of this situation! Forget about the sentence or grammar or whatever it is!It sound awful but please DON”T YOU DEAR pretend that you do not agree with meeeeeee! I know it’s just way too difficult pretending nothing is wrong when it comes to mole AND hair and I know that you know it!!!!!!!!

If they are separated it wouldn’t be such a huge problem but when they became together, situation always changes!!! Oh come one just say you agree with me about this hilarious combination!!!! SAY IT NOW, you will feel better!

We encouter this special occasion now and then and I thought it was good idea to make some sort of countermeasures for it. So we can sort this situation out pretty amazingly! 🙂 Here are countermeasures I made.

1. Pretend nothing is going on and keep talking 2. Ask that person the reason for keeping the hair 3. Not say anything and just pull the little hair out from the mole. 4. Pat the mole and calm it down.

I think No.1 is pretty tough to do, I really don’t know if I can look at their eyes than their spacial mole!! No.2 might make that person angry, you know some people are real serious when it comes to their appearance. No.3 would be great idea if we have gut to complete this mission. No.4 maybe this hair coincidence happened because the mole was so stressed and produced an unusual amount of chemicals so maybe if we pat the mole and let it relax it might eventually go back to what it used to be and the hair might disappear!!

Life is optional its your choice but I think NO.4 is pretty cool idea 🙂 Try next time when you encounter this problem!!

Today’s Mr.Sheep

17 Jun



13 Jun



Today’s Mr.Sheep

9 Jun

Shaking hands with his new BFF

Little hair from the nose -Difficult decision pt.1

5 Jun

I really wonder how many people experienced this problem in the past, when you are talking to someone you realize something is not right…”LITTLE HAIR FROM THE NOSE”!!!

Nose hair is such a tiny thing. However, this tiny thing gives us MASSIVE impact on our everyday life. awkward…..awkward……AWKWARD! I have been thinking how to solve this situation for ages and came up with 4 genius ideas! Please kindly let me introduce those for you. 

1. pretend nothing is going and keep talking 2. Tell that person straight 3. Just slap their face and walk off. 4. Not say anything and just pull little hair out from the nose.

I think No.1 is almost torturing myself, every time that person talk, little hair also move! Dancing hair! I don’t know if I can be cool and not even slightly twist my face from this miracle funniness!!! But No.2 can break the relationship with that person, you know some people are sensitive and want to keep their pride. No.3 well….After this you might not see this person ever again. It’s your choice whether you want to see this person’s nose hair forever or not see this person AND his/her nose hair. If you think No.3 is too extreme, No.4 might be the best option. If I am real quick and pull little hair out that person might not even realize what happened!!!

I personally haven’t tried yet but if you ever try this No.4 choice and if it work out please let me know. Because this difficult decision things are happening to me lots of times and they are totally making me headache!!