Cockroaches definitely know that I HATE them!!!!

25 Apr

Okay seriously, how many people are brave enough to deal with cockroaches?! I really CAN’T deal with cockroaches 😦 And I had NEVER dealt with them since I have a great family and friends. Seriously, why on earth do they have so many legs or arms whatever they are and WHY are they so shinny??? WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!????

I saw this creature in couple of days ago at Hanamitiii’s BRAND NEW place. HOW DOES IT POSSIBLE!!!!!????? AT NEW PLACE!!!! Fortunately TT was around that time so I didn’t have to experience AWFUL fight with that thing.

I really do think they SHOULD NOT come inside Hanamitiii’s place without any permission. Believe me I have NEVER EVER invited them at Hanamitiiis. They should mind their own businesses rather than visiting a person who HATE them.

REAL annoying thing about this creature is they KNOW that I HATE them so much!!!!!! Otherwise WHY ON EARTH they came close to ME!!!!????Dear Cockroaches. I already know you guys are SUPER-HARD CORE in this planet. I bet you are very cool and nice creature, HOWEVER, PLEASE do not disturb my life. I really need HUGE HUGE space from you guys otherwise I gata call police people next time you visit me….


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