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LOOOVE IT!!! Fab commercial of SMARTWATER by Jennifer Aniston

9 Mar

Are you not fed up with TOO perfect commercials? If you are, this commercial will defo kill your boredom. Very original and funny!!!!! Great concept, cast and and wow NICE kick Jen!!!! 🙂

Defo worth to watch!!! ENJOOOOYYY!!!


Honestly all adverts should be as high impact as this one!!!!!!!

7 Feb

KICCCCCKKKKK A POOOOOOOOO!!!! Joy juice…….Juice of joy with kick a poo??? Seriously adverts should be as bold as this thing. I’m so proud of the person who ACTUALLY thought THIS IS IT and print this AMAZING stuff on zillions of cans. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

Though I’m still not sure if I wana try this thing or not. If there are anyone who had tried this thing please let me know how it taste like 🙂 I don’t have strong gut like this advert person!!! Many thanks in advance 😉

So looong


Pepsi Pepsi Pepsiiiiii AGAAAIN!!!!

6 Feb

I’ve got trillions of other commercial/adverts to upload. BUT for some reasons I can’t avoid Pepsi’s commercials!!! They are so fab!!!!

Haaavaaa look on another Pepsi’s commercial 🙂


Must watch!!!! Michael Jackson’s Pepsi commercial

4 Feb

Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must watch must watch this fab commercial 🙂 Enjoooy