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Cockroaches definitely know that I HATE them!!!!

25 Apr

Okay seriously, how many people are brave enough¬†to deal with cockroaches?! I really CAN’T deal with cockroaches ūüė¶ And I had NEVER dealt with them since I have a great family and friends. Seriously, why on earth do they have so¬†many legs or arms whatever they are and WHY are they so shinny??? WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!????

I saw this creature in couple of days ago at Hanamitiii’s BRAND NEW place. HOW DOES IT POSSIBLE!!!!!????? AT NEW PLACE!!!!¬†Fortunately TT was around that time so I didn’t have to experience AWFUL fight with that thing.

I really do think they¬†SHOULD¬†NOT¬†come inside Hanamitiii’s¬†place without any permission. Believe me I have NEVER EVER invited them at Hanamitiiis. They should mind their own businesses rather than visiting a person who HATE them.

REAL annoying thing about this creature is they KNOW that I HATE them so much!!!!!! Otherwise WHY ON EARTH they came close to ME!!!!????Dear Cockroaches. I already know you guys are SUPER-HARD CORE in this planet. I bet you are very cool and nice creature, HOWEVER,¬†PLEASE do not disturb my life. I really need HUGE HUGE¬†space from you guys otherwise I gata call police people next time you visit me….


How to annoy people

25 Apr

I looooove annoying people who are short on patience. There are millions way to annoying those people, but I think I’m gona introduce easy and simple one today.

“WHY”Basically just simply use unusually lots of “WHY?”.

Here are some good examples: “Hey do you wana grab a coffee?”.”Why?”. /”Why did you not call me last night?” “Why?”, I”I think he likes me.””Why?”. Something like these. Important point is answer with why for EVERYTHING!!!!

Some people notice what I’m actually doing and play along. It’s also fun. BUT when they don’t realize what I’m doing……

Ohmigo¬†it is nothing like doing this “WHY?” thing to REAL no patience people!!!! They get really annoyed and some people even got so angry or just sigh and and¬†and!! If you are luck you can experience this ultimate case. They start ask you back “WHY?”!! “Why are you doing these?”.

Have a nice try when you are bored!!!

Don’t you think Mr.Google is little ignorant sometimes??!!!

16 Oct

Dear. Mr. GoogleLet me tell you something very clear, I’m a HUGE Google user and I love spending little time with you! I almost feel we are best pals relationship by now.BUT, NONONO believe me Mr.Google doesn’t make this easy at all. Well…..Mr.Google is famous for great knowledge and ridiculous amount of information and we ALL love it! HOWEVER sometimes he has very¬†ignorant attitude.

For example when I type Hanamitiii,¬† Mr.Google says “DID YOU MEAN —“. Seriously I know he says it to everyone in this planet and I shouldn’t take it so personal but every time I see it I get upset. You know what Mr.Google, You DON’T have to say such a harsh way. You could say like “There are another options—” or “Related website. 1—–, 2——, 3——–” something like theses.

AND the most annoying thing about this is, he says ” OH DID YOU MEAN—??” Even when I type in right thing!!! Every time I have to tell him back. “No, you are wrong, wrong, WRONG! I MEANT exactly what I typed!”

Oh Google, Google, Mr.Google. Why are you so smart and ignorant sometimes!?

Tiny little old man inside the computer

3 May

I gata upload it REAL quick, otherwise he might wake up!!! I AM TELLING YOU THERE IS A TINY LITTLE OLD MAN INSIDE THIS PC!!!

I think, it’s already rude enough to sneak into someone’s house secretly BUT he did something even WORSE!!! God what kind of person would come inside the PC??!! I might upset him one day, one place….I’m telling you upsetting tiny little old man makes our life super miserable, BECAUSE he obviously has power to control the system of the computer.

Lemme give you example, tiny little old man start business like when I finished off writing things to post here and there or sending stuffs to bunch of fab people and click the “Publish” button or “Send” button to complete my missions, this man also click some weird button to stop me to do those things!!! What annoys me more is even I’m trying to sort this situation with cool attitude since I already know these are all tiny old man’s trick, I’m always trapped to say “WHAT??” “COME ON” “GOD AGAIN?” “PLEASE” something like these and believe me I do look SERIOUS stupid when I say those by my OWN, hope no one has ever seen this.

Here is the picture of tiny little old man’s tricks!!! If anyone know how to repel this tiny little old man, please come and help me ūüôā If you have some problem, well you better look for how to make him go away!!!!

Random objects….

15 Dec

How ANNOYING, when I bang my toes against some random objects……..How annoying when there is NO one who can share this feeling with me……

Why do they NOT take the (sun)glasses off????!!!!!

28 Jul


Seriously. Instead of taking their glasses off, they slightly change the position and stare at me like this. I’m telling you this is REAL annoying okay? BUT glasses are not as BAD as SUNGLASSES!!!!

Look a this Sunglasses one!!! It’s already pass the annoyance. IT IS AWFULLY SCARY!!!!:(

God please take the (sun)glasses off when you talk to people….

Japanese Fake Smile

25 Jul

Is it only me get REAL irritate with JAPANESE FAKE SMILE???