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Bod’s vanilla smooch lip balm – The secret weapon to have bombshell lips!!!!

26 Nov

Finding a natural ingredient AMAZING lip balm is as hard as finding a perfect nose. Most of the natural ingredient balms I’ve ever tried made my lips much drier or didn’t bring any SHINE to my lips…… Therefore, I had been avoiding those “ALL NATURAL” or “ORGANIC” lip products to keep my life safe and happy UNTIL I bumped into this lip balm: Bod’s vanilla smooch lip balm!!I was given this balm from a secret source and I must confess, when I first opened the cover I had nothing but suspicion. It has a yellowish color + a rougher texture than any other kind of products. So, I closed the cover quietly and left it for few days to hope for some change….HOWEVER, challenger Hanamitiii couldn’t just not use this lip balm so I told myself to use it just once. Just once…. SHOCKINGLY the texture of this balm was more than FANTASTIC!!!! This balm became much much much smoother when I applied it on my lips. I would say this balm is much thicker than Vaseline but not too oily. It has a mild comfortable smell that gave me nice relaxing feeling and what surprised me the most was….. the shininess!! This thing is as powerful as wearing lip gloss, as shiny as bald people and as shiny as your smile!! Go and get it to have perfect lips and smile!

This brand called bod has a fabulous range of products which includes some certified organic products. Have a nice try of the vanilla smooch lip balm as well as other great products!



8 Mar

Good girls always receive fab presents. Hanamitiii has given an AMAZING present the other day from a MASSIVE Hanamitiii fan. Thank you TT!!!

I was given MARC JACOBS’s Brand new DAISYYYY!!!!! Cute bottle and color!!!! Who doesn’t love happy pink and flowers??This new DAISY has BEAUTIFUL floral odor like original DAISY but much sweeter than original one. It will defo suit for the person who DOESN’T like simple smell or the person who wants to try sweet smell but doesn’t want to go for over the top sweetness 🙂Seriously I’m wondering how the producers made it possible but this new DAISY has several smell in it. Every time you smell it, it gives you different kinds of smell. Floral, fresh, sweet etcetc…. Just CAN’T get enough of it!!!!!Hence it’s not too strong odor you can even wear when you are visiting clients or seeing your boyfriend’s parents. Make sure to spray it couple of times a day, otherwise this mild smell might fade away.For more information about all about DAISY visit

Sun screening products – Keep your skin young and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Sep

I don’t know if people know about this but even you are early 20’s your skin is already getting older and older EVERY SINGLE DAY. By the time you realize this fact, it might be too late. So to prevent this I would LOVE to introduce some sun screening products.

If you are exposed to sunshine without sunscreen the damage on your skin is huge. You will be ending up having lots of freckle, little moles and unbelievable numbers of wrinkles. I saw many people whose age is about 30 but they look 40. Skin is really important to make you look beautiful and young 🙂 So today I will introduce you 3 different type of sunscreen spray, cream etcetc.

This NIVEA’s transparent spray type one. Great thing about this product is very easy to use, just spray on your body and spread the liquid around. Although it’s say NON GREASY, it is very greasy. So if you are going on date and carrying very good bag or wearing nice jewelery I wouldn’t recommend you to use it, in case your precious thing get all greasy.Good thing about this product are easy to use and you don’t have to wait 15-20 minutes before go to under the sun. Suitable when you are at beach or when you are doing outdoor sports.

This is also NIVEA product, lotion/cream type. Hence it’s not spray type you have to apply on your skin and spread it. So it takes little longer to apply on your skin than spray type one. For some reason NIVEA product is quite greasy…….this product is also greasy….But great thing about NIVEA sunscreen products is you don’t have to wait 15-20 minutes before going out. IMMEDIATE SUN PROTECTION!!! Also this product doesn’t leave white color on your skin.  Suitable for beach, outdoor sports.

This one is Neutrogena’s product. This cram type sunscreen is not greasy AT ALL!!! I saw many products which say NON GREASY but they always ended up with making me great disappointment. But not this Neutrogena sunscreen!!! Although since this is dry touch type it takes little time to apply on your skin also you gata be careful NOT to leave any white color on your skin. Also you have to wait 15-20 minutes before go outside.  But as it say, it is indeed dry-touch and maybe even better than some random moisturizer. It is dry but doesn’t make your skin dry. Suitable for every day’s sun screening.

There is no necessary to buy SPF 50 or 70. Because hight SPF make huge burden on your skin. However you MUST MUST apply those SPF 30 sun screening product frequently.

There is no problem of getting tan skin but moderation is the key. If you eat too much you will gain so much weight and if you are exposed under sunshine too much it will come back to you and you will see old wrinkly skin face at your mirror.

Hava nice sun-bathing 🙂