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Today’s book – The International Handbook of Psycology

12 May

I always love reading something like psychology, philosophy, social linguistics etc. The reason is because of the beauty of those work. Those areas of study is quite difficult things to write down because it is like work with something not possible to see and bring those unseen things into letters!!!

God this book is beautiful!! My brain was eager to absorb everything so quick and my eyes couldn’t catch up!! This book is edited by 2 people however each chapters are written by variety of psychological professionals.

I could almost say this book could be one of the bibles in psychology area! As the title say “Handbook” of psychology, you can learn many psychological things, the contents are interesting and easy to read and understand.

I must say, most of writing  on this books are interesting  (It has 629 pages, 5 parts and 31 chapters) but especially Part B, Chapter 11 is pretty unique in this book.

It about “Motivation” and connect this topic with such as thirst, hunger, aggression and fear, Goal setting etc. Motivation – thirst, hunger??!!!! What a interesting combination.

As well as the above interesting topic, it also contain practical articles such as Part D, Chapter 23 about Health Psychology. It indicates all factual result of recherches regarding to the relationship between mentality and health. What kind of person had improved better, faster and why it might be the case. It amazing because you can try to know which categories of thinking you are and possibly to change your way of thinking to have better health (both mental and health).

On same chapter there is an article which is about “Risky Lifestyle and Addictive Behaviors”. You can learn what kind of person has tendency to dragged to risky lifestyle and addictive behaviors. You might have those tendency or you might know someone who has tendency or if you know someone who has those behavior, they have reason to be like that, so we understand about them better.

There are millions of other brilliant things you can learn from this book. Amazing book to understand yourself and others. Have a nice read 🙂

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!!!Hanamitiii’s introductions of book will be started pretty soon!!!

10 May

I must confess that I had been super lazy recently……..Probably as lazy as a *Sloth!!! 😦

I used to be a book junkie, not a regular book junkie. SUPER HARD CORE book junkie I was!!!! Basically, whenever I had a spear time I was constantly reading books. Sometime it was on a train, when I was having a bath, oh yeah I was even reading books when I was eating (which was actually strictly prohibited at my family dinner table, sorry mother!)

Having experience those exciting and stimulating things, I’ve recently started to feel that my brain is kinda melting down without SUPER HARD CORE’S book sessions. My brain is NEEDING unusually strong stimulation!!! So I’ve decided to go back to my strict book reading sessions! Of course I will be sharing all amazing books’ information with you guys 🙂

Be ready for Hanamitiii’s hard core book selections 🙂