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KIRIN Ichiban Festival

11 Nov

Have you ever felt something is not right when you drink? I know why. Because you are not having a right drink. Hard-core drinker Hanamitiii usually loves to drink tequila, however now and then I have a little relaxi time with beer.

I have tried many beers from different countries, and many different brands of beer in the past. Some of them were horrible and some of them were amazing. Lots of choices and lots of differences……Whilst trying lots of beer, I have noticed one thing. It’s so difficult to find the right beer for the right weather, the correct occasion and for my mood.

As I have experimented in my life, I have found that the most suitable beer for most occasions and moods is “KIRIN Ichiban Shibori”!Probably it’s because it has an amazing balance of taste. It’s not light in texture but not too heavy either. It has a natural taste, not too bitter nor too sweet. It gives you a sensation in your throat. Most beers make you feel bored after a while but this “KIRIN Ichiban Shibori makes you feel like you want it more! How magical is that!!!??

In case if you don’t know About Kirin Ichiban Shibori, here are some information about it!

” Made from the unique First Press Process, Kirin Ichiban is loved because only the finest ingredients are pressed just once to produce a 100% malt beer that is rich, clear, refreshing and definitive. With a heritage that dates back to 1888, Kirin beer embodies the timelessness of Japanese authenticity. ” (Refer:Kirin’s invitation e-mail)


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Read in Japanese:

This “KIRIN Ichiban Shibori” lover, Hanamitiii had a fabulous opportunity from ASIA PACIFIC BREWERIES (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD the other day, Hanamitiii had the opportunity to attend the KIRIN Ichiban Festival!!!!! Wohoooo! Thank you VERY VERY VERY much for giving me this opportunity! And thank you for bringing Kirin Ichiban and the Kirin Ichiban Festival to Singapore.

The Kirin Ichiban Festival, themed “Modern Expression of Japanese Authenticity”, was presented by Kirin Ichiban. In this event we were able to experience some Japanese culture!It of course started with Kirin Ichiban Shibori’s beer! KIRIN Ichiban was so generous to give us an unlimited amount of beer! Who could resist it!?!?After a short while an amazing show started.

Kuni-Ken‘s Shamisen performance!

” This young, good-looking and talented pair’s music creations have impressed critics because they elevate traditional Japanese music through the redefinition of the conventional shamisen sound into one with that appeals to the modern ear. Kuni-Ken have released three albums to date and won many international accolades since they first formed in 2001. ” (Ref: Kirin’s invitation e-mail)I knew of these two brothers since a couple of years ago. Back a couple of years ago they had never played in the style of a band. So, by playing as a band it was a very unique performance and gave me a totally new impression about the Shamisen. The sound of the Shamisen is so dynamic, I bet you will be lead to a special world with the sound of their music 🙂 After they played, I got to talk with them and I’ve found out they’ve got nice personalities too 🙂 For more information visit :

Takahiro Ueno’s dance performance

” Singaporeans are in for a real treat as world-renowned New York based Japanese dancer, Takahiro Ueno is highly sought after across the world. An accomplished master of hip-hop in Japan, he broadened his stage to include the world when he moved to New York, USA, in 2005. Hailed by The New York Times as an “astounding contribution to the dance world”, his performance credits are astounding, including Madonna’s 2009 World Tour, and his choreographies are seen on the most prestigious of stages and events around the world. “(Ref: Kirin’s invitation e-mail)

You might like or dislike his dance. The reason I’m saying this is because his dance style is very unique. I have never seen his dance style before, and did I like it? To some extent I did but I’m not sure whether I’m a huge fan of all of his movement or not. Probably it’s because I was so new to his movement…….

For more information, visit

Meanwhile we were provided with some delicious Japanese food. Kindly they made it very easy to eat whilst standing outside! I was pretty happy with the smoked katsuo (tuna) 🙂

HIFANAs DJ performance

” For the last act we all experienced HIFANA’s ‘KEIZO machine!’ (Keizo Fukuda) and ‘JUICY’ (Jun Miyata) and their sensational performance. The duo from Tokyo have been performing together since 1998 and are highly sought after for their distinctively non-replicable live performances, during which they cut beats with a real-time sampler and incorporating scratch and percussion, all without using programmed sequences. They come to Singapore fresh from their Europe tour, where they performed at the internationally acclaimed La Nuit Blanche (Paris, France), the Scopitone Festival (Nantes, France), Kaloobang Festival (St Denis, France), and Razzmatazz (Barcelona, Spain). ” (Ref: Kirin’s invitation e-mail)

I must confess that I NEVER thought Japanese artists were good in the category of DJ…. that’s so far from Japanese traditional culture. However, they broke my stereotypical idea about the Japanese DJ world! Oh gosh these guys are so amazing!

For more information, visit

Actually I have a little secret video! It’s the final performance video! Wohooo 🙂 At the end all of the artists played together. I couldn’t record all of the performance but better than nothing, I suppose 🙂 Hope you will enjoooy the atmosphere of the final performance!!/photo.php?v=10150912883330507&set=vb.133840903317949&type=2&theater

Kirin beer is now available in Singapore. In addition to restaurants, leading bars and pubs, Kirin Ichiban beer is also available at supermarkets and convenience stores, ruuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn now to get this fab beer 🙂


Love the truth about our food – The McDonald’s Open Doors kitchen tour!

12 Sep

Wohooooo!!!! Are you happy!? I am! and Ronald too!I’m on fire and Ronald is on fire AND McDonald’s is ready to make you feel high and happy too! The McDonald’s Open doors kitchen tour is baaaaaackkkk and thank to my friend Catherine and Golin Harris!/ I have got an opportunity to visit them before they start to invite customers 🙂 Thank you!

AAAANNND I couldn’t resist to share this whole new experience with you!!!

Welcome to the secret of McDonald!Back in old years McDonald’s used to make its meals BEFORE receiving an order from its customers. This was so they could serve the customers very quickly. However, to provide more freshness and satisfaction, McDonald’s have changed to the “Made-For You” system. Customers can ask for “No pickles” or “No tartar sauce” or “Extra lettuce” etc. So they have changed the system so they first get an order then start to make the meal.When I heard this story, I wasn’t sure how they could manage to do this system so well, because I rarely wait a long time at McDonald’s…..UNTIL I went inside the kitchen!Super automatized and efficient assembly-line, they have!!! In the kitchen there are 3 crews who deal with baby burgers (Beef: zero additives and fillers/Fillet-o-Fish: 100% vegetable oil which contain zero cholesterol)1: When the counter gets an order, it will be displayed on the screen. The 1st crew starts to prepare the bread bun. 2: The 2nd crew put the veggies and sauces on the toasted bread. 3: The 3rd crew place the patties (cooked automatically by a machine) on the bread, wrap it up and pass it to the counter to be served.

Most of the time the French Fries (100% vegetable oil which contain zero cholesterol) are already ready to be served (Maximum left here less than 10 minutes) and as you know all beverages are located near the counter. Having known how the food is made, you might be wondering HOW CLEAN McDonald’s is. There are new things I have found on this tour.

1. Managers and crew are obliged to wash their hands once every hour. From fingertips to elbow for at least 20 seconds.2. There are 2 different gloves for preparation; Blue gloves are for raw products and white gloves are for cooked food.On the McDonald’s Open Doors kitchen tour as well as the kitchen, you can also get to see a store room and staff room! Wana have a little sneak peek? Well better find it out by yourself!

Register now to have a peek at little McDonald’s world!

Don’t forget to try the brand new Holicks Mcflurry to make your day more perfect 🙂More about McDonald’s visit:

!!!Tiger Street Football!!! Part.2

18 Apr

Day 2!!!! Final tornamenttttttt 🙂 It was super amazing! First game started from 11 AM, good girl like Hanamitiii waited until the noon. 12 PM, fabulous Tiger beer time!!!! Watching Street Football (soccer) with beer and Sunshine!!! How great! Again thank you OMY and APBS giving me this opportunity 🙂

The result of this tournament was : 1st Brazil/ 2nd Vietnam/ 3rd Thailand.

As I expected the Brazilian team won this tournament, and of course their play was GREEEAT! Really, they play Street Football (Soccer) like dancing. Smooth movement and silky skills. They didn’t let me down. I must confess that I was quite surprised with the Thai team’s play :0 Even though their rank was 3rd I think their play was AMAZING! Their play was aggressive and determined to chase the ball. So much passion in their play! As well as their play, they were really nice people as well 😉 The whole team gathered for me to take a picture with them!! Thank you 😉

I must say yesterday’s atmosphere at the event was not as hot as today’s. Today I felt the whole audience was involved. I heard lots of people screaming “Come on Singapore!” or “Go Vietnam” etc. And surprisingly the loudest two supporters were given a Play Station 3 each!! Woo! Also at the break there were some board games going on near the pitch. Even in the break we could have amazing fuuuun 😉 FAB!!!

The teams are going to play for Tiger Street Football it Bangkok, Thailand (May) and go to Guangzhou, China (July), Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (August) and international grand finale in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (September)! How exciting 😉 If you ever have the opportunity I think it’s totally worth it.

And don’t forget to sign up for the Tiger Season ticket to get all the benefits. (It’s like a membership card and FREE!!!!)


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!!!Tiger Street Football!!! Part.1

16 Apr

I was given great opportunity by omy Blog Club and APBS went to Tiger Street Football event today. Thank you OMY and APBS 🙂

It was very first time for me to watch Street Football!!! So I’m still adjusting myself to this new field. I would like to just write through about the atmosphere of event and little bit of Street Football for now, (though I will upload about the game tomorrow). 

Atmosphere of this event was fab, since I was given special seat I wasn’t squashed by bunch of people and there were lots crowd around this event area and also lots of media were there to broadcast this Street Football match and between the game they show some entertainment such as dancing etc.

What I found great things about this Street Football are: You don’t need huge field to play, less utilities compare with Football (Soccer) and the pace of the game is pretty fast.

Gosh, it was rough!!! This game is played on a small pitch so the movement of the ball was more frequent and people were bumping into each other easily. At first I was kind of confused with the rules and wasn’t sure if I could enjoy this event or not. HOWEVER, since each game has rough and quick movement,  I was soon trapped by this Street Football!!!

If you have never seen Street Football it’s worth to watch the game!! You can experience the little thrill and excitement of the rough games and players 🙂 Of course please don’t forget to join the Tiger Season Ticket to enjoy this Street Football to the maximum 🙂 (It’s like a membership card, you can register for free and can get lots of nice benefits)

For more information about Street Football, visit

To sign up for Tiger Season Ticket:

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14 Apr

It’s great to have heaps of information. If they are bad, you just delete them from your mind and if they are good, you SHOULD use those information super well!!! Information catcher Hanamitiii have got fabulous information recently and wanted share it with you guys 🙂

It’s very very famous that Tiger Beer is providing us great beer,  but this super-duper company decided to provide us something juicier!!!!

Association of Tiger Beer and street football (soccer) games!!! Greeeeat!!!!

You might be still wondering what I’m talking about, well check the below information which was provided by Tiger Beer! I’m pretty sure you can get whole great picture of this fab information 🙂

“Tiger Beer is set to change the street football scene in Singapore!! Tiger Street Football regional tournament kicks off from 16 to 17 April 2011. It will be at specially-constructed Tiger Football Stadium at Ngee Ann City. Tiger Street Football will show you the first time, a distinctive football pitch and competition format. A carnival atmosphere will be created, to provide a unique and new experience for the public and football fans, centered on football, fun, friends and beer. It is non-stop Street Football action during the day and Tiger Football Stadium action in the evening till late.”

AAAANNNDDD!!! To make this games more exciting Tiger Beer decided let you join Tiger Season Ticket! It’s all FREE to register and you can consider it something like a MEMBERSHIP CARD. To apply? Just simply register your all information on their website and get great benefits such as premium seating to catch both the street football tournament and the ‘live’ BPL match screened, complimentary Tiger Beer during the event and exclusive drink deals. On top of  theses you are also entitled to enjoy exclusive drink deals designed for them from March to May at participating outlets.

Why not joining today?

To register:

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About this games:

Hanamitiii is supporting “GET YOUR SEXY BACK” Part.3

30 Mar

So here is the thing that I have been wondering quite long time. Why on earth do some people have to drink until they loose themselves? I mean can they not tell that they are hitting super drunken stage? What is pushing them? What are they sad about, is there something that they want to forget about?

I have seen so many super drunken people. Some were not able to walk by themselves, some became really aggressive and oh yeah believe me I even saw some girls were doing their “business” on a street or guys were fighting with bottles of beer in their hands.

Whenever I see those situation I feel my night is spoiled a bit. Drinking shouldn’t be something this extreme. Concept of drinking should be similar with when you are drinking coffee or something. You have something to drink but your main focus is talking to people.

Have you ever experienced things that I have mentioned earlier? Well, If you are, PLEASE STOP IT!!!!! Now it not too late to change. It’s okay to drink as long as you are the one who is controlling yourself and not harassing people. Enjoy drinking occasions and parties with moderation and don’t push yourself. No one and nothing can push you to drink too much!

Find more about this program:

Hanamitiii is supporting “GET YOUR SEXY BACK” Part.2

28 Mar

So…….About this GET YOUR SEXY BACK program…….It’s NOT saying “You shouldn’t drink at all”, it’s about “HOW TO DRINK”. And also I personally think it’s really IMPORTANT that everyone knows his/her limitation. Girls MUST know about their limitations hence we are NOT physically strong as boys and boys MUST know limitations NOT to hurt anyone in any kind of way.

On this party I had opportunity to wear glasses which allow me to experience drunken condition. There were 3 different glasses. (Tipsy, Drunken, Super drunken). I NEVER get to super drunken stage condition when I drink, so it was GREAT experience for me to understand how it’s like to be drunken that awful. Oh gosh, I even COULDN’T see my own feet, so no wonder those people who are super drunken CAN’T even walk!!!!! 😦

Alcohol effect differently person to person. Some people can take them pretty well, some people are not. Practice and know your limitation at home before you go for massive parties. I’m telling you it’s not attractive to see SUPER drunken people at all.

Know your limitation and have a greeeeat party with your friends!!!!

For more information about this program:

To be continued…….