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Professor Jim’s dictum

3 Feb
Jim cracks millions of jokes and I MUST say his joke is something VERY “Special”. Therefore, I’ve decided categorize Jim’s jokes as dictum……Here is the one great example of his joke/dictum. Enjoy

“How does my head laugh?”” hairhairhair”


Yuniii’s convincing dictum

2 Jan

Not many people know about this because I kept it secret quite long time that Yuniii is HUGE Hanamitiii’s mental supporter!!!!!!!!! The reason I LOVE talking with her is because she is SIMPLY great person with a SHARP tongue.

Hanamitiii sometimes feel left out from public. “Why am I so different and weird?” When I asked this question to her she replied to me,

“Consider that you are unique and those who don’t have originality is same as one of those random stones, you can’t even distinguish them.”

Honestly she should write “How to think/live” book and spread her sharpness in this planet!!!! Thanks Yuniii 🙂

Adrianiii’s philosophical dictum

8 Nov

“She has improved camera skill but she HASN’T improved as a PERSON.”


Dictum of Lesminiii

1 Nov

“Just let things be”

Adrianiii’s dictum

24 Oct

“Stupidity has NO limitation”

by Adrianiii.


Hanamitiii’s mother’s precious dictum

17 Sep

People go through millions of difficulties through their lives. Hanamitiii happened to feel unusually stressed recently so I decided to ring our great mother. As I expected, she left a great message.

“Enjoy the moment”

Super wise. We can’t change the past, and without having great moments now, it would be difficult to have bright future as well. What a deep mother I have!!!

Miracle Hita’s dictum….

3 Aug

I am kinda getting bored of waiting men’s talk…(Refer-Mr.Frog/Mr.Black Frog-Mr.Frog and Lesminiii’s men’s talk)……so I decide to write about miracle Hita.

I got to know about Hita a month ago and I was so desperate to drag him into Hanamitiii’s World because he is a SUPER miracle maker!!!! I and Lesminiii convinced him REAL hard to make him join the Hanamitiii World. It was as hard as getting popular soccer player into the team. Anyway he officially became Hanamitiii’s member for couple of days ago.

Before going full detail about Miracle Hita I need to let you guys know how MIRACLE he is. Here is the great MIRACLE dictum I heard from Hita for couple of days ago.

We were catching up with lots of things since we couldn’t meet up with Hita about a month. Conversation were switched into typical gossips.

“Hey Hita, How is your life?? Have you got a girlfriend yet?”

“Not yet” Hita said…

What does it mean? I NEVER heard such a sentence…..Does it mean he is proceeding some secret project under the table to get a girl friend? or he is NOT planning to get a girl friend for a year? What does it mean??!!!!

What a miracle maker Hita is 🙂