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Hair of the moly mole – Difficult decision pt.2

21 Jun

——————Oh mole——————-Goshy-golly!!! Another difficult decision 😦 

“HAIR OF THE MOLY MOLE” or should I say “Hair in the mole? or hair with the male?”……..Mole of the hair….Oh no, distracted again. What I want to say is the difficulty of this situation! Forget about the sentence or grammar or whatever it is!It sound awful but please DON”T YOU DEAR pretend that you do not agree with meeeeeee! I know it’s just way too difficult pretending nothing is wrong when it comes to mole AND hair and I know that you know it!!!!!!!!

If they are separated it wouldn’t be such a huge problem but when they became together, situation always changes!!! Oh come one just say you agree with me about this hilarious combination!!!! SAY IT NOW, you will feel better!

We encouter this special occasion now and then and I thought it was good idea to make some sort of countermeasures for it. So we can sort this situation out pretty amazingly! 🙂 Here are countermeasures I made.

1. Pretend nothing is going on and keep talking 2. Ask that person the reason for keeping the hair 3. Not say anything and just pull the little hair out from the mole. 4. Pat the mole and calm it down.

I think No.1 is pretty tough to do, I really don’t know if I can look at their eyes than their spacial mole!! No.2 might make that person angry, you know some people are real serious when it comes to their appearance. No.3 would be great idea if we have gut to complete this mission. No.4 maybe this hair coincidence happened because the mole was so stressed and produced an unusual amount of chemicals so maybe if we pat the mole and let it relax it might eventually go back to what it used to be and the hair might disappear!!

Life is optional its your choice but I think NO.4 is pretty cool idea 🙂 Try next time when you encounter this problem!!


Little hair from the nose -Difficult decision pt.1

5 Jun

I really wonder how many people experienced this problem in the past, when you are talking to someone you realize something is not right…”LITTLE HAIR FROM THE NOSE”!!!

Nose hair is such a tiny thing. However, this tiny thing gives us MASSIVE impact on our everyday life. awkward…..awkward……AWKWARD! I have been thinking how to solve this situation for ages and came up with 4 genius ideas! Please kindly let me introduce those for you. 

1. pretend nothing is going and keep talking 2. Tell that person straight 3. Just slap their face and walk off. 4. Not say anything and just pull little hair out from the nose.

I think No.1 is almost torturing myself, every time that person talk, little hair also move! Dancing hair! I don’t know if I can be cool and not even slightly twist my face from this miracle funniness!!! But No.2 can break the relationship with that person, you know some people are sensitive and want to keep their pride. No.3 well….After this you might not see this person ever again. It’s your choice whether you want to see this person’s nose hair forever or not see this person AND his/her nose hair. If you think No.3 is too extreme, No.4 might be the best option. If I am real quick and pull little hair out that person might not even realize what happened!!!

I personally haven’t tried yet but if you ever try this No.4 choice and if it work out please let me know. Because this difficult decision things are happening to me lots of times and they are totally making me headache!!

Slippery slip – Difficult decision series pt.9

27 Oct

Seriously seriously, EVERYONE must have experienced this or seen once in her/his life. If you don’t, well you MUST go out more often. There are millions of miracle things waiting for you 🙂

Anyway I have done this couple of times and I have seen MANY times, it is NOTHING like this miracle in this planet!!! It’s just HILARIOUS to see unexpected slip!!!

EVERY TIME I experience this I wish someone would do something for me and every time I see someone do this I have to fight with massive laughter. If you see my face being really twisted, well this is the reason.

So I thought it’s my mission to make great choices for everyone, so we even don’t have to think what to do when you see slippery slip in the future. Here are 4 options on this case:

No.1 Just pretend nothing has happened. No.2 Go to the the spot and slip exactly same way as the person who just slip down No.3 Point and laugh REAL hard!!! No.4 Sit on the slippered person’s belly and chill out for 25 seconds.

No.1 is just WAY TO classic. EVERYONE does this!!! If you don’t change your attitude now you will become one of REAL boring person in this world. REMEMBER IT! No.2 is really gentle decision you can take. I’m always wishing someone would do for me when I slip. It’s nice to have some companies now and then. No.3 I’ve tried in the past and TRUST ME some people take it VERY offensive. In my defense is “Don’t slip if you don’t want me laugh AT you!!!!” I really think it’s better to laugh something you are embarrassed with!!!  No.4  is the thing I’ve been tempting to do for long time. Call me wuss BUT I really can’t bring myself to do it yet. Something is telling me that I might get arrested if I do this. BUT it’s totally worth doing this!!! Join my club! Let’s spread this chilling out for 25 seconds thing all over the world!!!!

Kill the boredom with your wit!! :)

Mr.Ms.knowing–Difficult decision pt.8

2 Aug

Honestly why do they pretend they know EVERYTHING?? The other day I met up with bunch of friends. We happened to talk about my home country. That knowing person who NEVER been my home country started to  discuss with me. I was puzzled. Hang on a minute…..He have NEVER been my home country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I really didn’t need his KNOWING opinion about where I’m from. I don’t know how many millions of people became his victims.

I and my friends and other victims frustration is getting bigger EVERY single day………

So I decided to make great options for everyone to reduce this stress. I could come up with 4 choices this time:

No.1 Just nod and pay NO attention whatever s/he says. No.2 Discuss with them and proof they are wrong. No.3 Cover your ears REAL tight and say “Rararararara I can hear nothing”!!!. No.4 Seal their mouth with something.

No.1 Most of people are doing this. In a way it’s smart. Let knowing people think they are right and you can mind your own business. BUT you can’t STOP this annoying thing FOREVER. No.2 is REAL hard!! I’ve tried in the past. BUT I think they just CAN’T see the facts. So I ended up using all my precious energy. But if you have gut to do this have a try!!! No.3 Surprisingly this was SUPER effective!! I did many times in the past and they SHUT UP!! I think they were shocked what happened or they thought I’m nuts!! GREAT!! Important thing is SHUT THEM UP!!! No.4 this is the thing I’ve been trying past 10 year. I can’t find right thing to use. I really DON’T wana use my fingers to seal their mouth. But if you have some practical thing to close their mouth, don’t be afraid and GO AHEAD!!! I’ll promise you can have REAL peace in your life.

Take a risk and live life dangerously!!! :)

Personal space – Difficult decision pt.7

19 Jul

Gooood, some people just DON’T know about personal space AT ALL!!!! What is it all about? Honestly sometimes I literally can feel their stinky breath. Every time I experience this, I am so tempting to push them down, pull their ears and shout at their ears. I NEED HUGE PERSONAL SPACE WHEN I TALK TO PEOPLE!!!

To avoid this police case I’ve came up with those 4 choices:

No.1 Go backward little by little and make your own space slowly. No.2 Tell them that you want to talk whilst walk. No.3 Spit on their face. No.4 Pinch their eye lid REAL quick and ran!!!!

No.1 is really classic, believe me they will never realize what they are doing to you and you have to endure this pain EVERY TIME you see them. No.2 is really pretty good choice BUT whilst you guys are walking their arms might accidentally touch your arms. If you wana try No.3, you gata be REAL careful. Don’t spit too much, pretend you are talking and accidentally spit comes out from your mouth. They will defo get annoyed this spit thing and gradually they are gona give you some personal space. No.4 is the last choice you can take, if No.1,No.2,No.3 were not working very well you can try this. But you gata be ready for REAL quick run!!!!

Have a nice try 🙂

Boring conversation – Dificult decision pt.6

16 Jul

How can they be so boring? Have you ever wonder about it? Annoying thing about theses people are 1. They just don’t know how boring their stories are 2. They talk REAL long 3. Make us REAL unhappy.

BUT you shouldn’t give up!! To prevent make you feel exhausted, depress, I will offer you good way to deal with this problem.

Here are 4 choices: 1. Give them nice fake smile and nod whatever they say 2. Put your finger in front of your mouth and say “Shhh” every time they open their mouth  3. Tell them straight how boring they are 4. Slap the face and walk off

No.1 is good choice for soft-core person. But believe me they will talk more!!! and you are gona be very tired, depress every time you see them No.2 is really cool BUT they might do same things to you next time you try to talk to them REAL annoying way. Ive tried No.3 No.4 by myself. Reactions were…No.3 some people just doesn’t know how to appreciate, they got REAL angry and told me awful things and that’s when I happened to do this No.4. Some of them block me from their FaceBook page but I feel far better because I don’t have to deal with super long boring talk anymore 🙂

If you wana try No.3 and No.4 you gata be REAL tough because a lots of expecting things will happens to you!! If you need me to push you to do them or need some help,  just leave the message here 🙂


Stinky Breath – Difficult Decision pt.5

15 Jul

Difficult Decision Series became one of everyone’s favorite post in my blog. I think now is the time to publish bunch of books and make T-shirts, shoes and whatsoever like many famous people do. Anyway I’m glad trillions of people are sharing feeling with me quietly.

Today I want to go through one of huge problem we encounter at least 2-3 times a week. “STINKY BREATH PEOPLE”!!

I have no idea what kind of problems they do have but really, that is not my problem so better not consume my time on this and leave this issue to smart people like dentist. What we need to focus is NOT to know what kind of problem they have, what we need is how to avoid this unpleasant smell!!! As usual I set couple of ideas here.

Here are 4 best choices I could present for you: 1. Move slightly and change your standing position 2. Hold your nose REAL tight so you no longer suffer from smell and close your eyes not to see their reaction 3. Tell them something really shocking to make them shut up 4. Cover their mouth with random stinky rag.

No.1 is the classic choice if you wana play this situation cool this is the best one you can take. No.2 might cause more stinky breath problem because stinky mouth might get upset and come close to you to shout!! No.3 is really nice choice but kinda hard to think what kinda shocking things you can say to stinky mouth. No.4 is actually related with humans’ right stuff. Because stinky mouth is giving us AWFULLY unpleasant time so you should have right to express your feeling to let them know how tragic thing they are doing to you.

Hava nice try babies!! 🙂