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Fiore- Autumn/Winter 2011 Preview of Fashion Footwear

8 Jul

At first I would love to thank to OMY for introducing me to this great event!

On this Thursday (July 7th 2011), together with McGAGH, Fiore threw a fantastic fashion show at Zirca!!! Fiore is a fashion footwear brand targeted at 20-30s primarily, the style goes along the girlish-glam line. First store opened last year. Currently, there are 6 stores in Singapore: Centrepoint #03-40/40A, Junction 8 #01-42, Jurong Point #01-01, Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-26, nex Mall #02-22-23 and Northpoint #02-14/15. 

I was able to sneak into the media seats area which was right next to the stage! Great Fiore was giving us free drinks and champaign….Aaaaaa I could have a super melting time…..Fiore’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection of this year is inspired by the colors and unlimited possibilities of a wonderland. This fashion show was presented with mysterious music and unrealistic movement of the models. I was totally trapped into this magical Wonderland 🙂 Had enough of my blab? Rather just SEE  how it was like?

Well, lemme show you the pictures of this show!!To be honest I didn’t expected this show could be this great. Fiore outlets stock various kinds of shoes, from party shoes to office or for casual wear. And this brand provides comfortable quality shoes at affordable prices. I don’t know how many people agree with me but shoes are one of the most important things when we coordinate clothes. Even when wearing nice posh clothes, if you wear bad shoes the whole outfit looks dull or cheap. I was afraid that this situation might happen with Fiore shoes since this brand is dealing with such a wide range of shoes and not focusing on a particular area, whilst being reasonably priced. However, as you can see from this picture, their shoes balance nicely with the beautiful clothes!

Looking for right footwear? Well pop into Fiore and have a nice explore!!!! 🙂


Audi Fashion Festival 2011 – Francis Cheong

18 May

Thanks to OMY I had an amazing opportunity to join one of Audi Fashion Festival 2011’s fashion shows. This festival started on May 13th 2011 and closed May 18th 2011. And I attended Francis Cheong’s show on May 17th 2011.

Little surprises and great satisfaction is what it was!

The venue was Tent @ Orchard Ngee Ann Civic Plaza (not very huge space) so I was kind of worried if the event could be that exciting or not…. However, once I stepped in there,  I was almost embarrassed that I had been worried! Great atmosphere!!!!! There were many people who were enjoying refreshments such as cocktails, wine and coffee etc. Most of the staff who served  me were well trained and gave me a good first impression of the festival 🙂

After chilling out in the lounge we were all lead to the FASHION SHOW VENUE!!! Impressively this event kept bringing me great feelings and there were goodie bags placed on each chair. Of course it was Marie France Bodyline and Bella’s eye cream!!! The reason I’m saying of course for Marie France Bodyline is because this brand collaborates with Francis Cheong for his Spring/Summer 2011 Couture Collection show!!  As well as this present, this brand’s spokesperson Christy Chung was there to celebrate the event with us 🙂

Francis Cheong! His amazing evening dress looked so elegant!!! It’s a pleasure to watch collections of new season clothes but to see FABULOUS luxury night dresses is a totally different story. It was like watching the dresses in those princess movies!! I totally felt like I had fallen into a fairy tale world. Probably it’s better to show you pictures to tell this feeling, so here are some pictures of Francis Cheong and his AMAZIIING work!!

Have you already checked out his other collections? If not, visit to find more about his work 🙂

Enjoy the dream world!!!

!!!MANGO – THE SUMMER COLLECTION 2011 in Singapore!!!

1 May

MANGO MANGO MANGOOOOO!!!! Who doesn’t love MANGO?! What I love about MANGO is the reasonable price and the shape of their clothes are just AMAZING!! Wearing a T-shirt and jeans could make you look dull if you choose the wrong ones. BUT when it comes to MANGO, this brand doesn’t dare allow you to make a mistake. There are a variety of shapes, colors and designs and of course there are a GREAT choice of jeans too.  And it is super perfect for petite size. Super MANGO!!

Although I still don’t understand the concept of the ‘summer collection’ in tropical countries, I was lucky to get a chance to visit Mango’s SUMMER COLLECTION fashion show via my friend Jesiii 🙂 Thanks, Jesiii!!!

It took placed at SHAW CENTRE’s MANGO in Orchard. The place is not that small though the venue was PACKED with a whole bunch of people in the heat of the room!!!Wooo It was super hot, hot!!!I wassweating most of time BUT it was definitely worth having a look 🙂 Here are some pictures of the show!!

As well as the design, I LOVED the colors of the clothes, bags and belts in bright orange, red and blue. Also I loved how they combined all the items together! This SUMMER COLLECTION is super HOOOOTTT! Go and check out MANGO!!!

For more details of MANGO:

Choice of Band Aid

5 Jan

If you are reading my blog every day, you MUST know by now how important “We girls to be cute/hot 24 hours a day!!!!” Which include even when we are injured!!!!

Whenever I see girls wear beige color band-aid I’m shaking with temptation. I WANT rip them off and replace to prettier one. There are millions of cute band-aid selections in this planet, so there is NO necessary to choose those old guys type band-aid!!!!!

I’m introducing Hansaplast’s Disney Princess band-aid today, there are 2 sizes in this package. 19×55mm and 30×55mm. AMAZINGLY they have different pictures depending on the size!!! Suitable for small-medium size cut/scratch etc.

Honestly you might think, people would not notice those small thing. But BELIEVE me, people often notice those small things more than you assume. You don’t want to spoil your perfect make-up/clothes/shoes/bag because of small thing do you?

Get out of a house or an office wherever you are now and buy one of those cute band-aid today!!!!

Pretty pajamas – To increase your girl’s mojo

29 Dec

We girls MUST to be cute/hot 24 hours a day!!!!

Even when you are asleep you shouldn’t forget all dangerous possibilities. You never know you might have to get out of the house because of fire or maybe your Prince might visit you after mid-night. Knock, knock. If you are wearing your uncle’s lousy sweatshirt or your brother’s school jersey, throw them away IMMEDIATELY!!!! Do it NOW, do it NOWWWWW!!!! Seriously your mojo will defo disappear from your body very soonish!!!!!

Serious pajama lover Hanamitiii has trillions of choice but I would LOOVE to introduce this delicious pink/red pajama today since this is the latest pajama I have at moment. This one is from FOREVER 21. Great thing about FOREVER 21’s pajama series  are, they offer you tons of choices and all of them are AMAZINGLY cute and SUPER cheap!!!

Ditch all anti-mojo pajama and go with cute/hot pajamas and be pretty 24 hours a day!!!!

Special relationship

12 Jul

I really do think I have some special relationship with character T-shirts. I always attracted to them and wear them like those cartoon mania kids.

My collection of those T-shirt are increasing and I am hoping to get rid of this habit! Too many is never good they have different shapes but still they limit my style 😦 Wonder how people avoid their shopping pattern, well compare with unfortunate little too slutty clothes or bikinis they are having much better life but I need to stop wearing them too many times and BUYING THEM!!!!

Oh how could they be so simple and cute 😦 I cant stop loving them!!

Bikinizzz!!! – Little unfortunate thing pt.2

12 Jul

I’ve realized I am surrounded by little unfortunate things and those Bikinis are another victims 😦

My defense is they are on sale and I couldn’t resist also I wanted devoted to this awful economic epidemic thing. ALSO there was beach and nice sunshine plan was going on!!

A lots of things happened and fun beach is on hold at moment 😦 Poor cute Bikinis are still chilling out in the closet and waiting the exciting moment… well at least I drag them from the closet and let everyone know their existence.

Never mind life is tough and they need to know even they are cute bikinis:)