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Find Mr.Black Frog

11 Jul


He is super good looking.

He is tough and wild.

he make all girls crazy.


Sometimes he can be F irrational frog.

Can you pleae help me to find Mr.Black frog???


Find Mr.Black Frog

2 Feb

Indian food has some miracle spice in it. People who eat Indian food look so happy and high including meeeee 🙂 Obviously this Indian spice work for frogs as well. Mr.Black Frog had been jumping around and started to do hide-and-seek by himself. Here is the evidence of this Indian high story. Can you find Mr.Black Frog in this picture???

Find Mr.Black Frog

2 Dec

I, Hanamitiii was tied up with millions of stuffs. HOWEVER, I never forget to hang out with all Hanamitiii members, which including little Frogs.

But as I expected, those crazy Frogs did make situation extremely difficult for me. Seriously I never regret this hard. I shouldn’t have play with them today……..ESPECIALLY with naughty Black frog.

Sigh. He was jumping, jumping and jumping and DISAPPEARED 😦Can you pleeeease find Mr.Black Frog with me???

Find Mr.Black Frog

8 Nov

Oh Adrianiii Adrianiii Adrianiii, where on earth are you now and are you healthy and happy? It has been a long time lsince the last time I saw Adrianiii. He decided to go out to see a big wide WORLD! So he left Hanamitiii’s place a couple of months ago, temporarily at least.

I was sorting out a bunch of pictures a couple of days ago and found a REAL good picture!!!!

A picture of Hanamitiii World’s meeting!

That day we were talk about the budget of Hanamitiii World and Mr.Black Frog JUST HAPPENED TO BE there too!!!! As we all know, naughty Mr.Black Frog hid somewhere to mess with us.

Old days. Let’s hope Adrianiii is doing okay wherever he stays at the moment, and don’t forget to find Mr.Black Frog here! 🙂

Which is Mr.Frog??!!!

25 Oct

Oh god, I know it’s just silly but he was way too cute on this picture!!!! Mr.Frog with bright green sweets!! How cute this collaboration is! 🙂

By the way, can you tell which is Mr.Frog???

Find Mr.Frog :)

26 Sep

Oh, mangoes, mangoes and mangoes, how sweet and rich you guys are!!!! I’m so glad you guys are here to enrich my life. I don’t know how long I was standing in front of these gorgeous mangoes…Well OBVIOUSLY long enough to make Mr.Frog board…….It was kinda too late when I noticed…….

Mr.Frog have gone somewhere…..!!!!….Without telling me……

Can you please find Mr.Frog with me?

Find Mr.Frog

18 Sep

Coffee, coffee, COOOFEEEEE! My body was crying for caffeine! I boiled water and put coffee powder in a coffee machine.Coffee Coffee! The coffee is almost ready!! I was about to reach for my favorite Mr.Hand cup… then I realized that the precious cup was missing from the kitchen! Tick-tack Tick-tack, the coffee would be ready anytime soon and I started to panic!!! My Mr.Hand CUPPPPP!!!!After searching everywhere I found the cup with Mr.Black Frog.mmmmm

Mmmmmm……. My instinct was telling me that something was not right and it took me a few seconds to figure out what… YES, he was missing!

The needy green frog……HE WAS MISSING!I left the place quietly and refused to look for him.  Do you think you can you find him for me???