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TSUBAKI WATER – Smooth, shinnnny and straight hair!!!

29 Nov

Keeping up with hair stuffs is one of difficult thing we can do. When we finish one product, there are ALWAYS new stuffs line up!!! Please do not talk to me when I’m looking at hair products. I MUST concentrate to choose right one.

My long fight bring me little joy and I wanted to share with you. This is SHISEIDO’s hottest hair item at the moment. TSUBAKI WATER, it released mid september 2010, unfortunately I didn’t have opportunity to encounter this product till NOW!!! Very well hidden TSUBAKI stuff!!!

This makes your hair smooth, shiny and straight. The reasons I love this product are because of the texture and smell it gives your hair and does very little damage!!!! As it say TSUBAKI “WATER”, it’s literally like water so your hair can absorb without experiencing stickiness also it gives you nice floral smell. The reason I sometimes hesitate to  use hair product is BECAUSE they would give my hair HUGE damage!!! BUT this Japanese smart product remove my little concern as well. This special WATER is NOT only for styling but ALSO gives your hair nutrition like one of special conditioners.

The effect of this stuff is AMAZIIIING!!! If you see this TSUBAKI WATER don’t even think, just grab it and go to the cashier to pay!!!!

Show off your smooth, shiny hair to EVERYONE!!!!


Hair care pt.3 – Super refreshing conditioner!!!

8 Nov

I had been using AVALON ORGANICS’ LAVENDER conditioner until recently, BUT adventurous person like me NEVER settle down with one kind. EVERY SINGLE MINUTES is for another challenge.

Anyhow I found this PEPPERMINT one (provide strength on your hair). I’ve tried peppermint stuff in the past since they are selling the great feeling of refreshment.  But believe me, they didn’t give me much coolness on my head. I was already half given up when I bought this product, but NONONONO this AVALON ORGANICS’ PEPPERMINT is NOTHING like other random soft core stuff. After massage my scalp I  left conditioner to enjoy MAXIMUM result and about 30 seconds later my head LITERALLY started to feel COOL, I wanted to enjoy this coolness more so I left it little bit longer…..You are NOT gona believe it but really this stuff made my head REAL cold!!!!AMAZING!!!

This conditioner is little thicker than LAVENDER type also make your hair straighter. If you are looking for beautiful straight hair and little excitement this is perfect for you. Make sure NOT to leave more than 3 minutes, TOO much is NEVER to good. If you are curly hair and want to keep it longer I recommend you to use LAVENDER type since it provide you great moisture on your hair.

Have a great excitement.

Great way to boost wimpy perm

29 Sep

I hate sitting on same place long hours. This is terrible when it comes to perm my hair. I am always trying to perm, color my hair as little as possible. Anyway I haven’t permed my hair like 7 months and my hair started to look like a random sea weed. When I saw myself on a mirror I couldn’t believe the looks of hair!!!!!

BUT I’ve found a greeeeeat solution. VS Sassoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously I really don’t know what’s in this awesome product but YES YES YES, this Ridge Wave Foam really boosts my weak sea weed perm!!! It is defo much cheaper than going to hair salon and get your hair done again also it will cause less damage on your hair and scalp. Doing too much color and perm are really bad for your hair and scalp.

Have a try on VS Sassoon’s Ridge Wave Foam. This product will NEVER disappoint you like other random products!!!! 🙂

Hair care pt.2 – For upcoming brand new hairs!!!!

22 Sep

Nothing is wrong with trying bunch of stuffs now and then. So I decide to try new different type of shampoo.

I had hair cut couple of days ago and all damaged hair had gone. I thought it would be better on focusing on upcoming hair rather than current one.

“How?” You might think….The answer is “Focus on the base!!!! Scalp!!!”

It became REAL famous that Hanamitiii is a great fan of organic stuffs and OF COURSE I chosen organic shampoo for my new collection of shampoo. This shampoo is one of AVALON ORGANICS series. Their product is amazing, I had already introduced one of their product in the past (refer-beauty-hair care pt.1) so you might already know that this product doesn’t include any bad chemical too and also contains 70% certificate organic ingredients!!!

I have chosen SCALP TREATMENT (TEA TREE) to have great base for my upcoming precious hair!!!!

This shampoo is like gel, much thicker than other shampoo but make great amount of bubbles. So it’s very easy to wash your scalp and hair.

When you wash your hair, make sure NOT to use your finger nails!!! Massage your scalp by using your finger tip. The feeling you can get by using this shampoo is like when you apply menthol type lip moisturizer on your lips!!! But do not worry it doesn’t give you too strong minty shock on your head!!!

Have a try on AVALON ORGANIC – SCALP TREATMENT (TEA TREE), great refreshment and future healthy hair is waiting for you 🙂

Hair care – pt.1

19 Aug

Summer, summer, summer!!!!! Summer is here with us!!!! Sunshine is GREAT but this thing is REAL dangerous as well!!! Not only skin have problems with sunshine but also hair get damage from UVA/UVB!!! Some people go to salon and have those expensive treatment stuff, but we can try to keep good hair condition by using every day’s hair care stuffs.

For a start of hair care, today I’m gona introduce shampoo.

My skin is really sensitive and always react to chemical included products. The people who do not experience reactions also having some sort of skin damage by using product which include paraben etc. You just can’t see at moment but in long term it will make your skin very bad. I recommend you to use non-chemical products to keep your hair/skin beautiful and young.

This Sukin series doesn’t include any bad chemicals. It has 3 different types for different purpose. I was using for damaged hair type. I had been using it about 6 months and it was REAL effective!! My hair was pretty damaged before but after using this for a while, my hair became shiny and smooth again!! I went to hair salon about 1/half month ago and the  hair salon guy told me my hair was much healthier than last time I came to the salon. This product is not from hair salon also he didn’t know what shampoo I was using so it is really trustful information!!!!

Although I loved Sukin series I was kinda getting board of this product smell. It had good smell but doesn’t have fresh/relaxing smell.  So recently I’ve switched to this AVALON ORGANICS series. It has 3-5 types for different purposes. This product doesn’t include any bad chemical too. Also this contains 70% certificate organic stuff!!! Organiiiic!!! Great thing about this series is, it has AMAZING smell!!!!! Especially this Lavender (For nourishing) make me feel so relaxxxx!!!

Take great care of your hair!!!! :)And show off your shinny hair to random people!!!!

Chao 🙂