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15 May


Take the shirt off or take the pants half way off is the best way?

21 Jun

What makes us to have loads of attention?

Knowledge? Intelligence? Probably it is. But SO few people has got spotlight because of these. I still wonder why…WHY WHY WHY….

Maybe it’s relate with money and luck too? Like how much money people can invest for themselves and surely it must be related with luck as well!

But other than these I think there is ONE huge killer way to gather whole attention from BIG audiences and this attention (good and bad) eventually lead them to success.Somehow it became universal thingy recently. Well especially for girls..

Take the shirt off or take the pants half way off to show their bottom!

I don’t know where it’s started but I remember I was quite shocked even pretty conservative North Asian’s also started to take this magical method.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all people are using this miracle way to promote themselves BUT when I check magazines, TV, web site, there are millions of slutty things going on and seems lots of people love it! I have noticed since I was pretty small 1. Purvey industry, 2. Drug industry, 3. Booze industry make huge amount of success but I didn’t expected this categories become so common in this world!

Seriously if people want let others know about their article or songs whatever it is, is there necessity to take the shirt off or take the pants half way off to show little bit of bottom????


You don’t like my posts? Well why don’t you NOT read them then?

20 Jun

Good evening. mmmm or good super early morning or good afternoon in your time. I’m sending you a super magical power. Muuaaaaaaa. Feeling some power? Well if you do, you might need a little vacation or take day off from work. Coz you are feeling something doesn’t exist!!! 


I think I have actually write about it before couple of months ago but I was tied up with trillions of stuffs to deal with and as usual I forgot about this post. Middle of this writing I’ve remember about it!!! Booooo. In a minute I thought it’s better NOT to post about similar thing again HOWEVER….I felt hey heeeey hey life is like this. Repeating same things and wonder why I’ve done it again! the following day. Beautifully meaningless…..Well well well. So let me repeat same thing again!!! Wooohooo!! Hanamitiii’s blog is in pretty good shape, I have got SUPER nice supporters and lots of people are REALLY supportive of what I’m doing. HOWEVER there were some random people who hasn’t been nice about it and they are still here!!! I have got couple of opportunities to meet up some bloggers or meeting up beautiful twitter makers, some of them told me that they have got same kind of problem too. 

???Why do you torture yourself???Seriously it’s like you are specifically choosing to go to the restaurant you don’t like and complain about it or choosing a clothe which you hate the most from your closet and constantly pointing at it and saying how much you hate it. When people have choices which are super easy to take, I wonder why can’t they just take the easiest option.

It’s not like you have to get along with your horrible boss to get by a day by or talking to a SUPER boring person to just sell a product. 

People has choice to write and people has choice NOT to read them as well. I just can’t understand some people read whole thing or even come back several times and complain. Wondering if it’s some sort of LOVE AND HATE thing… Or what?Everyone loves different things so why don’t we find something we love and admire about them rather than finding something we don’t like and putting all effort to hate them?

What makes people understand things?

9 May

So here is the things. I have been wondering about it quite long time and time has come to release my wonder. “What makes people understand things”.

Compassion, experiences, knowledge, sensitivities, DNA, background and patience? Maybe we need more than these.

When it comes to academic, probably it relate with DNA and experiences. Some people just can’t get the point even they work really hard and some people can understand only having seen once or twice, it probably relate with DNA. To get to certain stage on academic area you need lots of experiences such as reading millions of books or sorting loads of difficult questions or memorizing many things.

When it comes to understand culture, probably it relate with background and experience. If the person never had experience with dealing with certain country people or living in certain country, it’s difficult to understand their custom, tendency. Probably that’s the reason whenever I go, I see same country people gather together to easy their life in abroad. It’s probably easier than hanging around with different background people every day.

When it comes to locations, probably it relate with experiences. It’s possible to get some sort of information by book or Internet but people never fully understand how it’s like to be here and there unless they go places by themselves. If someone have been in the place, they can just shut their eyes and remember the details.

When it comes to people’s mentality such as alcoholic, violence, difficulties of expression, depression and other kind of difficulties it probably it relate with compassion, experiences, knowledge and patience. It is easy to see the surface and judge how they are, however if you have lived with someone like these or have enough knowledge of those, probably how you see those people would change as well.  The people who had grow up without affections or had grown up with abusive environment often live with fear. When they are in the horrible environment they fear about current situation. Even after get out of those horrible environment, those people often live with anger, hater, fear hence they didn’t have enough affection, love and caring. Alcoholic people might be running away from the fear, anger and other feelings, violence happens because they might be trying to fight with something. Some people might have problem with expressing because they were not given opportunity to talk for long, they simply don’t know how to express themselves. That might lead to crying or shouting etc. Depression people might be trapped with those scary thoughts. Not having grown up the way they have, it’s nearly impossible to understand how it’s like to be like them or to understand those conditions are impossibly difficult unless people have experience those by themselves or seeing someone close like your family or relatives. Also to understand those people need huge amount of compassion and patience.

“Understanding” is maybe enriching our life.

…..Things I am going to do…..

28 Apr

I had and I still have this thing in my head since I was very little…..

The thing is…….Our birthday should be the date for new start of a year!!!! This is because I was always confused with the date of the new year. One country celebrate one day and another country celebrate another day. Oh yeah even celebrating same day, it make little bit confusion because of time differences etc….So long time ago I’ve decided to stick with one simple theory. I would consider my birthday will be the date for the new year for me. My birthday will never change unless I make a fake ID. AND the date of my birthday is getting closer and closer, I thought it’s good idea to write what I’m going to do, so not many people will get confused with my all random actions.

1. To be a better person after a new year, before my birthday I will meet up, ring bunch of people and do little bit of confession “Sorry I did this and that, but I will do this and that in the future.” and make all of them feel very sentimental/awkward.

2. Write something scandal on people’s Facebook wall and make some drama in their life to be a playful person after the new year too. 

3. Eat as many as junk food and chocolates, cakes and other random sinful things as possible to have guilty pleasure and of course there will be NO gym session to have refreshing healthy diet/exercise regime from after the new year.

4. Wearing super thick make up/slutty clothes and have at least 10 shots of my favorite tequila!!!! and dance and sweat like a lunatic dancer somewhere outside to ready to be a decent adult after my birthday.

Please do not confused when you are involved, witness those things!!! I’m getting ready for next new fresh year!!!! 🙂 TAAANKS 

Creating something positive DOESN’T necessasry mean that person is possitive

11 Apr

So, this thought had been wandering inside my brain way too long and I suppose time has come.

Back in couple of months ago I have uploaded the blog about Beethoven and I have fore sure mentioned that he must have been very pessimistic person which actually came from my impression and research about him. HOWEVER one lady came to my site and commented “ARE YOU REALLY LISTENING HIS MUSIC?”. Her point was that he had compose something about HOPE etc etc. In her mind, I assume things works like this: Make something positive = A positive happy person.

HOWEVER I don’t think things are that simple. You see A but actually A could be B. Or B could be AABB. something like this. It doesn’t always be like A = A or B =B

If you trace down most of composers, architects, artiest, writers, in fact any kind of creators they tend to have some sort of weirdness, pessimistic views and over sensitivity. Somehow they decided to express themselves by NOT using direct method such as talking to friends. Alternatively they often tend to decide to use other ways such as compose something, draw something etc to release their wonders, anger, sadness, happiness. Their desperation of express “something” often drive them crazy or make them feel down hence they can’t find a right tune. I have no wonder why they often gone insane. Desperately trying to express something but they can’t.

If they are happy, cheerful what’s the point of desperately trying to express themselves somehow? They can just have ordinary life and understood by their small group of people by talking. I personally feel those professionals should have some sort of strong desperation.

I’m NOT saying all creators are like this, some people are happy and cheerful and successes with those area.

I just feel people can’t just see the surface of something and say things without going through the details.

1+1 = could be 1+1= 8 sometimes. An apple can be an orange, An adult can be a kid.

Everything is possible and everything can be something different.


Hanamitiii’s understanding-Meaning of exposure

2 Feb

Up to recently I have been only receiving great support and nice messages from public HOWEVER just recently I’ve started to have some random NOT very friendly messages. These messages totally gave me massive shock coz I didn’t possibly think someone come to my blog and use their energy to hurt my feelings. So I went to spiritual walk the other night to think through stuffs and trust me this spiritual walk was totally worth it!!!!!

I’ve realized this phenomenon is ACTUALLY telling me that Hanamitiii World is getting bigger and bigger every single day!!!!!!! My blog is exposed to wider range of people and also make others feel something!!!!!! Which is fab!!!! Hanamitiii knew Exposure=Getting zillions of reaction from public but this was the moment I really came to understand what it actually means.

Anyway no matter what kinda response they are I, Hanamitiii DO appreciate that you guys are visiting my blog!!! But someone who doesn’t agree with me, please do not be too nasty to me 🙂