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!!!!Almost impossible!!!! Kao’s magiclean!!!!

26 Jun

At a tropical country, the place where you use water goes bad pretty quick. So cleaning a kitchen area and a bathroom are VERY important thing. Bathroom……Oh god, just think about it makes me feel sick! What I hate about cleaning the bathroom is I have to scrub the tiles pretty hard!ย  Especially corners of the bathroom is EXTREMELY hard to clean!!I used to use a toothbrush and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed until my finger gets sore ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I knew it was about the time to hire a professional to clean or buy IMPOSSIBLY hard-core bathroom cleaner! Kao’s Magiclean. MAGICLEAN??!!! I was kinda avoiding this series of products. Magiclean…..Magiclean…..Sound like some sort of practical joke!!! HOWEVER after I’ve tried couple of brands I’ve decided to play it cool. Kao… One ofย  a big and good companies in Japan. I’ve read good reviews and heard this series is pretty good, so I knew this product will be good!!!! AND it was SHOCKINGLY good!!

Probably better show you the pictures of the result.

BEFOREAFTERShocking right isn’t it? What made me SUPER surprise was I did NOT have to scrub or I even did NOT have to wipe it off! Just spray and leave it for few minutes then rinse off!!! Lemme show you the details of usage ๐Ÿ™‚

How to use:CRAZILY easy right?? Right?? RIIIGHT???!!!

Keep the bathroom clean without cleaning!!!

To know more about Kao, visit


!Must have to keep your kitchen SUPER clearn! MR.MUSCLE

6 Apr

Good cookers always keep kitchen clean. I always wonder the efficiency of that person’s cooking when I see a dirty kitchen.

I was/am the one of lunatic Mr.Muscle (Product by S. C. Johnson & Son) user. I have been using Mr.Muscle series at least more than 5 years. The reason is simply this series are just AMAZING!!!! I have tried couple of other products in the past but believe me, they didn’t impress me as much as Mr.Muscle series do!!!

Variety, that what Mr.Muscle series have. So even talking about kitchen products there are several of them and I’m pretty sure some people might have been wondering which to buy. I must say All of them are good, but when it comes to every day’s routine clearing, I personally recommend this transparent bottle with light orange liquid Mr.Muscle kitchen clearer. The reason is, this product is SUPER strong for stains, oil dirt etc also you can wipe with a DRY paper towel or clothes! Strong and easy! This product will dofo make your clearing time AMAZINGLY short!!!!!

How to use: As the left instruction say:

1.Rotate nozzle to “ON”.

2.Spray 6-8 inches from surface.

3. Wipe with a dry paper towel or clothes. No need to rinse.

4. After use, rotate nozzle back to “OFF”

To learn more about Mr.Muscle visit:

Amazing Fabric Conditioner (Softener) – Comfort Ultra

14 Jan

Like applying toner/lotion/cream on your face after washing it, your towel, clothes whatsoever NEED little nutrition. THEREFORE I’ve decided to introduce this AMAZING softener Unilever’sย “Comfort Ultra” today.
Hence this is Concentrated Fabric Conditioner, there is NO necessary to use MASSIVE amount, we ONLY need to dilute 1/2 a cap. EVEN using this small amount the out come is fabulous!!!!! Really all of the laundry became SUPER soft, great smell, easy to iron etc.Your towel will NEVER be hard like cardboard. You might NOT want to be separated with those towels EVER again!!!! I’ve made the bed yesterday using the sheet which had washed using this conditioner, seriously you feel so safe and comfortable!!! OHMIGO, so soooooft, I bet they are as soft as soft-serve ice cream!!!

Currently, there are 2 different ranges in Singapore :

Morning Fresh And Blossom Fresh.

If you prefer sweet smell I recommend you Morning Fresh, if you prefer refreshing floral smell you can go with Blossom Fresh!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

How to use will be differ depending on Hand Wash, Semi-Automatic washing machines, Fully-Automatic washing machines. Visit the following web and find more about it ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy the all benefits of this softener!!!!!!!!!!!