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4 Apr



救助された犬、飼い主と再会/Japan tsunami dog reunited with the owner

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3 Apr

We all were/are praying for people who are suffering from March 11th 2011’s Earthquakes and Tsunami. I was the one of those 6000 people who joined this charity event which was provided by TAKE ACTION FOUNDATION in Singapore


On this game, representative Director: Hidetoshi Nakata was there. Tsuyoshi Kitazawa, Masaaki Sawanobori and Masakiyo Maezono who played at national team were there to play.  And there was one little orphan boy who joined this game in last 5-10 minutes.

As a great soccer supporter I must confess it was just AMAZING to see the play of those people who had played at national team in the past. Smooth, accurate pass, great tricks and super duper goal etcetc. ALBIREX SINGAPORE SELECTION won on this match in the end. HOWEVER I have learned really important thing on this match other than the result. “Support something/someone together”. Atmosphere of this stadium was so warm and relaxed. Everyone was there to watch the soccer match BUT at same time we were there to support Japan.

I hope this feelings and warm atmosphere will be delivered to Japan with charity money.

(I would love to write more details about the game HOWEVER there are millions of people who are suffering with this disaster and not even able to eat decent food everyday. Therefore I would like to just focus on more about foundation/charity itself.  Thank you for your understanding)

For more information about TAKE ACTION FOUNDATION:

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Read in Japanese:

43-year-old man jumped into the tsunami in scuba gear to save his wife?! 最愛の妻を救うため、スキューバ装備で津波の濁流に飛び込んだ43歳の男性?!

30 Mar

I have seen that couple people re-tweeted this blog, thank you for sharing fab info!! I wanted to share it with more people therefore I’ve decided to upload about it on my blog too. Really, I wonder how many husbands/boyfriends or wives/girlfriends could do this amazing action for someone who they love….


A little dolphine in the rice paddy??!!!田んぼにイルカ??!!!

28 Mar

People in Japan started to save animals after the Earthquakes and Tsunami……This news reminds me how big the Tsunami was!!!!

Read in English:

Read in Japanese:

!!!!Thank you!!!!

24 Mar

I’ve started to see this AMAZING donation cans at lots of places in Singapore! Every time I see them I feel very touched and just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for starting this donation Red Cross Singapore!

Thank you for placing these cans at your shops!

Thank you for donating everyone!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! You guys are the best!!!!!

When will Japan’s tragedy finish???

24 Mar

Japan had experienced horrible tragedy on March 11th 2011. I had assumed things would get rough for a while. People would suffer from lack of food, place to stay and electric etc…… HOWEVER I didn’t expected things would go this bad.

It seems Nuclear Power Plant’s problem is still going on and because of this problem people are panicked with radiation effects (I don’t know what is right information…Some people say it is dangerous and some people says smoking is much worse than this……). People are still suffering with aftershock.  Panicked people started to buy many bottle of water, juices for themselves which empty couple of shops’ supplies……

Japan’s tragedy is continuously happening at moment…….

For the people who understand English:

For the people who understand Japanese:

Hope things will get little bit better soon….. I have attached another information about donation. Please give kind support for Japan.


23 Mar