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How your donation is being used to help Japan – GlobalGiving

21 Mar

I myself was promoting donation on my blog, Facebook, Twitter. HOWEVER I totally forgot about the risk. I had no idea how our donation is being used. I’m pretty sure some people were wondering when they were donating!!! Sorry!!!I was searching it for couple of days and I’ve finally got fab info!!! Here is the details of Global Giving’s donation share. (*This info is sent by GlobalGiving, I’m using their e-mail as it is. No modification has been given on this info).


How Your Donation Is Being Used To Help Japan

All of us at GlobalGiving have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity that has come from people all over the world in support of those impacted by the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Over 20,000 of you have donated time, energy, money, and ideas to help those affected by the disaster.

Today, just one week after the earthquake hit, we are disbursing $725,000 from GlobalGiving’s Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund to six organizations already in Japan working on relief and long-term recovery efforts. You can see the exact allocation of these funds below.

We wanted to share with you more information about the organizations receiving these first funds and the valuable work that each is carrying out with the help of your donation. 

Japan Platform – Japan Platform is an emergency humanitarian aid organization working with Japanese NGOs, the Japanese business community, and the Japanese government. Funds provided by GlobalGiving will be used to provide disaster coordination and financial support to the 18 Japan Platform partner NGOs that are responding to the emergency by providing short-term food aid, medical assistance, and tents, while planning a long-term response.

Peace Winds – Peace Winds is a Japanese organization that has focused on emergency humanitarian relief for the past 15 years. GlobalGiving funds will help Peace Winds distribute emergency disaster relief supplies – including food, cooking supplies, and blankets – to people at shelters in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture and to provide free satellite telephone services and mobile phone charging so that survivors can ensure family members of their safety and to check on family members in other affected areas.

Save the Children – Children are always among the most vulnerable during emergencies. Save the Children is working with children and caregivers to provide psycho-social support and materials and to establish Child-Friendly Spaces in affected communities in Miyagi, Fukushima, Iwata, and Ibaraki Prefectures.

Architecture for Humanity – Architecture for Humanity and its teams of professionals in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto are partnering with other organizations to mobilize around the long-term reconstruction effort. GlobalGiving funds will support communities and design professionals in the safe and sustainable rebuilding of community structures, health clinics, schools, hospitals and civic structures.

International Medical Corps – International Medical Corps has an emergency response team of doctors on the ground in Sendai, and is coordinating with local officials to fill critical gaps in the response efforts. These funds will help the group focus on reaching isolated coastal communities that were devastated by the tsunami and have yet to receive aid.

Lifeline Energy – Lifeline Energy is working with local partners to distribute wind-up and solar radios and specialized programming to non-Japanese speaking survivors, who are lacking access to critical information following the disaster. These radios are also equipped with flashlights and cell phone chargers and are designed for especially complex emergency situations.

GlobalGiving is committed to keeping you informed about the impact your donation is having on the ground. In the coming days, weeks, and months, you’ll continue to receive updates about how these funds are being used and stories about the people whose lives you have helped change for the better. For additional insights into how GlobalGiving is handling donors’ funds, read our Chief Program Officer’s recent blog post.

Together, you are making a difference in the lives of so many in Japan.

Thank you for this information GlobalGiving!!! To learn more about GlobalGiving:


Super Mr. Edano!!! 枝野官房長官!!!

19 Mar

There are million of people who are fighting in Japan and I couldn’t help to upload article about him!!! Chief Cabinet Secretary Mr. Yukio Edano. Gosh, he is AMAZZIIIIING!!!!

It seems he hasn’t slept 105 hours to check all situations and let people know what was happening!!!! For the details:

Read in English:

Read in Japanese:

The Wall Street Journal – Japan Realtime

Mr.Edaaaanoooo!!!!! 枝野長官!!! We all respect you but please don’t push yourself!!!

Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan…A week past and…あの日から一週間。。。

18 Mar

Well….Just a week past after Earthquakes and Tsunami hit in Japan, for me it looks things are NOT getting better at all and many people who live in Japan are still under confusion and pressure. HOWEVER it seems people’s interests in Japan is fading out little by little. I don’t see news, comments on people’s Facebook wall as much as I saw couple of days ago. On Twitter many people who doesn’t directly have relation with Japan just stop commenting about it or just focus on economy in Japan. I’m not saying I want people talk about this tragedy forever, but it’s only a week and NOTHING had been solved yet…..So many missing people, nuclear power plant problem etc. Everyone, please remember, Japan still NEED your support!!!!

Here are couple web link for the people who understand Japanese, please have a look/日本語が分かる人しか見れんけど、支援物資の送り方と、ガチャピンの素敵なメッセージ見つけたけんリンクさせました。

How to send Aid Supply/支援物資の送り方

Gachapin blog/ガチャピンブログ


Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan – Message……

16 Mar

Confusion…..That’s what I’m experiencing……..Literally every 3-5 minutes I am receiving new information about this Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan on my Twitter. To be honest I’m not sure what to trust. There are TOO many information about it, especially NUCLEAR POWER PLANT. I have spoken with my mother yesterday and she told me “Even living in Japan I’m not sure if I’m getting right information or not….”. Seriously what’s going on??? Just think about what kind of pressure, wonder and concern they (the people who live in Japan especially Touhoku, Kantou area) might have, I feel so saddddd and stressed. I wanted to tell them something but….mmm I couldn’t find right word to say…….So I’ve decided to send them this simple but meaningful line!!!!!


(Ganbare nippon!!!! Keep fighting Japan!!!!!!)

Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan – Don’t fall yourself into ONLY bad news!!!

15 Mar

As well as every day’s chore I have been following news, Twitter and Facebook. As a consequence, my eyes are red and I look awfully tired. Every time I check those, I was keep telling myself  “I need a break from these”, but in the end I couldn’t help checking all info anyway.

If you understand Japanese and using Twitter, you must have been receiving bunch of  tweets. Lots of them are bad news and some of them are fake or uncertain info. HOWEVER it is very important for us to let people know that NOT only bad things are happening in Japan. Small but GREAT things are happening over there!!!!! We (Japanese speaker) have already got those AMAZING info early stage of this tragedy, though it wasn’t share with many people in this world hence all of them were written in Japanese.

One guy solved this problem!!!!!!!

A guy translated all GREAT Japanese tweets into English. AMAZIIINGGGGG!!!! The person who doesn’t have Twitter account or the person who doesn’t understand Japanese also can share this.

Please read through those and support them as much as you can!!!!!

What is the best thing to do for the victim of Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan???

14 Mar

I felt really sad about what happened in Japan. In fact, I still am horribly sad……..Since I live abroad there are not much I could do for them and I wasn’t sure what would be the best thing to do till today.

EVERYONE SHOULD RESPECT OTHERS AND SUPPORT THEM TOGETHER!!!!! That’s what we really have to do at the moment. The reason I’m saying this is because just too many things are going around after this tragedy.

Having lived outside of Japan I was relying on news and stories from the people who live in Japan. As far as I have heard from some people who live in Japan there are people sending threatening messages to others to make more confusion.

On Twitter I was getting zillions of information. Some of them were true and some of them were not. What made me upset wasn’t those non-true stories. What made me upset was that people are blaming each other. Obviously some people started to comment to others that they can’t tweet casual, fun things because it’s not appropriate. Some people even said to TV stations that it’s not appropriate to show comedy shows because it shows lack of respect. That’s their opinions. I personally think, people have different opinions how to support others. Sometime people might want to have distractions because they are in the middle of horrible situations. Worst thing we can do is blame and shoot each other off.

And I? What was I doing in this past few days?? I was freaking out. I couldn’t get in touch with couple of people who live in Japan. I couldn’t even go outside of the house coz I have been speaking with lots of people, checking news and messages and feeling frustrated. I was told from someone “I know they are suffering but you have to do your own things as well, coz people are dying all over the place anyway”. It’s true, even though I was stuck in the house and worrying it won’t change anything I suppose…….

I had been receiving millions of messages and phone calls. I basically couldn’t reply to a couple of close friends who had been worrying about me and my family and they got hurt. For them it seemed I had been ignoring them.

I promised to talk to one grandfather who lives in the UK, but I couldn’t in the end. He sounded little bit sad……I had little argument today with one of my friends. If it was normal ordinary day, probably it didn’t go like that way. I must say I didn’t have a room to breath till today.

I’m positive that people who live in Japan, especially the one who is suffering with this tragedy, won’t appreciate what we are doing to each other. I’m pretty sure they want us to be happy together, to be strong and support all of them with BIG SMILE!!!! Please join us and support them together!!!!!

Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan – How to donate

13 Mar

Thank you for kind call/messages to ask about my family/friends who live in Japan. Fortunately they are all fine. HOWEVER, there are many people who live in Japan which include non-Japanese who are suffering from this tragic event.  I have posted the following web address which will guide you how to donate money for them.


or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate from your phone.


or text  JAPAN to 50555 to donate $10 from your phone.