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Movie preview – Looking for heart-warming story? Well this is definately the one you should watch! -Salmon fishing in the Yemen

20 Mar

Together with OMY (, I had a great opportunity to watch this fablous movie, I would love to thank to OMY again, THAAANK YOU!!!!

This movie is based on a novel of the same name by Paul Torday.The movie version of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a unique blend of drama, romance and comedy. Hence this movie’s topic is sensitive. Probably it is suitable for adults rather than teens or children. Although topic is quite heavy, I can guarantee this film bring you those sweet surprises, inspiration and arose your emotion.Dr. Alfred Jones (Ewan McGregor) is a fishing expert who is having a complicated marriage and does a menial cubicle office job. Meanwhile, Harriet Chetwode Talbot (Emily Blunt) is a PR consultant who represents the Sheikh Muhammad (Amr Waked) and is going through her own personal drama as the budding romance with her boyfriend who is suddenly put on hold when he’s called to duty in Afghanistan.

It does give nothing but big shock, when Harriet tells Alfred that billionaire Sheikh wants to bring fish to the desert. Alfred just ignore this offer.

Meanwhile, the prime minister’s secretary/spokeswoman Patricia Maxwell (Kristin Scott Thomas) who is very good at her job is looking for some juicy and nice story of Britain and Yemen’s relationship because these two countries are having tension. And finally she finds one. The salmon project! She never expresses desire for a higher purpose, only mission she has is to getting the job done. Her witty comments often attributed to these moments and there are plenty of great lines by Alfred and Patricia to keep us smiling.Being pushed by Harriet and Patricia, Alfred still keeps trying not to take on this project. However, when he sees Sheikh, gradually things start to change.  Sheikh has amazing philosophy and willing to do whatever it takes to make his dream come true, Harriet and Alfred are bring into the middle of this hopeless project that soon turns into a passion for all three of them.Later on the plot, you will encounter a terrorist group plotting the assassination of the Sheikh. It makes us worry about this idealistic man and the plans he has for the country, culture he loves and belongs to!

After watching the movie for a while, you will notice, Alfred and Harriet, need to have some excuse to escape from the cages they are in, and a Sheikh’s dream give them the perfect opportunity. Their passion for this massive project gives them a distraction in their life and also their feelings to each other grow during this project.Other than this plot, I would think, you can also enjoy the actors’ great performance. The selection of actors is excellent. Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor, those two can definitely play a great everyday people. Because those two do well-rounded performances, they can avoid acting the clichéd way these things seem to go. Kristin Scott Thomas Patricia as Maxwell is also wonderfully played. She is probably one of the few colorful characters in this movie.

Does the project succeed? What will happen between Harriet and Alfred? Wondering about how the actors are like? Well, check it out by yourself! This movie will be released in Singapore 22nd of March 2012! 🙂

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Movie preview – Wana watch a different kind of thrilling action movie? Then get out of your house to watch this movie: “CONTRABAND”!!!

12 Jan

This movie is a remake of the thriller film “Reykjavik-Rotterdam”, directed by Baltasar Kormákur set in New Orleans and Panama, which is rarely seen in major films. Sequences feature the Panama Canal, the soaring sky and reeking slums. Probably this is the reason this movie has such a different atmosphere compared with other major movies.  The film is about the underground world of international smuggling full of desperate criminals and corrupt officials, high risks and high returns where lots of betrayal exists and death is just one wrong turn away.

Chris (Mark Wahlberg) left a life of smuggling and crime to have peaceful life with his family. However, Chris is forced back into an old criminal world after his brother-in-law, Andy (Caleb Landry Jones), failed a drug deal for his brutal boss, Tim (Giovanni Ribisi).

Chris tried to settle this issue. However, Tim would not accept any other options but instant cash. Past legendary smuggler Chris contacted with his “old friends” to pay off Andy’s debt. His best friend, Sebastian (Ben Foster) was there to help Chris too. It was suggested to Chris to do a drug deal in order to pay off the debt, but instead he decided to bring fake American currency from Panama.With good friend Danny (Lukas Haas) and worrying Andy, Chris signed on to a vessel commanded by a stern captain (G.K. Simmons) who has hard feelings to Chris because of Chris’s notorious father. Chris and his old friends prepare a place to hide fake bills from the captain as well as from customs authorities in this vessel.

Chris sets everything in place and he even prepared for the return trip. Things went on as they planned. However, everything started to fall apart when they arrived at Panama.The fake money that he arranged to buy was there. However, after being examined with a drop of iodine, he found out they were not printed on starch-free paper stock. The fake money was no good. Chris had no choice but to contact with a dangerous gangster who makes good quality fake bills.Chris knew the gangster from his smuggling days, so things seemed easy until he discovered that his cash to buy fake money was stolen by freaked out Andy (he had been threatened by Tim) and at this point he had no choice but assist in criminal with gang starts.Meanwhile Chris’s wife Kate (Kate Beckinsale) and their 2 sons were terrorized by Tim and others gangs and even by Sebastian too! The film just takes twist after twist!

Is he able to go back to the US with the fake money? Could his family survive? You will have no time to even go to the bathroom! Watch the film and find out the ending by yourself 🙂

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And I would love to thank to OMY ( for giving me this opportunity!

Movie preview: Looking for an intelligent comedy? Well then time to watch Tower Heist!

2 Nov

Do you feel like you’ve watched so many funny comedies but pretty much most of them made you think nothing in the end?

I do. I have watched so many comedies but some of them have got no contents and some made me feel like they were trying too hard to push people to laugh. Probably those no-contents movies would be great to watch when we want to think nothing however watching those movies continuously make us feel bored.

Brain! Now and then we feel like to use it without watching something too heavy.

The movie Tower Heist would definitely meet this demand! Is it difficult to understand this movie? – NO. Is it so funny and we can’t stop laughing? – Probably NO.

HOWEVER, this movie will definitely make you think what is right and wrong and provide you with several feelings and emotions in your body. It doesn’t make you laugh all the time but it gives you the hint of a smile or a big laugh for sure.

The cast of this movie contains Josh (Ben Stiller), Slide (Eddie Murphy), Charlie (Casey Affleck), Enrique (Michael Peña), Claire (Téa Leoni), Lester (Stephen Henderson) and Odessa (Gabourey Sidibe). Except Claire, they all work at an exclusive apartment building. Their life seems not perfect but they seemed quite content until the day that they found out a huge loss.

They lose their pensions in the Ponzi scheme of a Wall Street businessman named Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda)!Josh does his best to take the money back even though FBI police lady Claire tells him that won’t be possible. One day, devastated Lester who had invested all his life savings commits suicide. Josh gets so upset that he smashes Arthur Shaw’s very expensive car. As a consequence, Josh get fired and the people who are there with Josh, Charlie and Enrique, also get fired. Things seems very dark and depressing until the day Josh drinks with Claire. Some secret thoughts are exchanged here……..

Things starts to be shifted towards another direction.

They decide to take the money back by themselves, that’s what the plan is! As they are good citizens they don’t know the word of “steal” so they decided to enlist the aid of Slide, a professional criminal, and bankrupt businessman Mr. Fitzhugh (Matthew Broderick) and Odessa,a larger-than-life cleaning maid.When researching and practicing for the heist, everything goes well. Finally, they decide to break into Shaw’s apartment and steal back their money on Thanks Giving day. A perfect plan and the perfect team but……….

Time for you to go to the movie theater to find out!

In this movie it really makes you think what is right and what is wrong. Should crime being justified under the right circumstances? Who are the bad people? The people who deceive innocent, loyal people? Or the people who have been deceived and who try to steal it back from the people who took the money?

This movie is not only fun to watch but also definitely makes you think about lots of things 🙂

For more details about Tower Heist go to:

And I would love to thank to OMY ( for giving me this opportunity!

Mind must be master of the body – Preview screening of Johnny English Reborn

9 Sep

He is back! Johnny English is back!!!!!This movie is the sequel to Johnny English (2003) which was parodying the James Bond movies. I would say the latest Johnny English movie is more focused on visual jokes than witty word play. From funny face impressions to crazily funny actions!

The movie starts in Tibet when Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) is being retrained for service in Tibet. He trained “very hard” and “very seriously”.But when his agency superiors found an attempt by international assassins, they looked for an extraordinary “intelligent” and “tough” guy, Johnny English! Once again, English was back in action. He flew back to London to complete the mission; fight against the attempt against the Chinese premier’s life by international assassins.

His journey with Agent Tucker (Daniel Kaluuya) to save the country with impossibly hi-tech gadgets such as super-powered wheelchair which includes an F Fast button or a car that moves as he commands, started from Hong Kong to Switzerland!As you can expect, this mission becomes all muddy and complicated the closer he goes to the core of this problem. This conspiracy was even running throughout the KGB, CIA and even MI7!

Could he solve the conspiracy? And could he save the life of Chinese premier? Classic and easy to watch that is what the Johnny English Reborn movie is. I have watched so many comedy movies recently HOWEVER every time I’ve watched them I felt kind of tired. I wasn’t sure why until I watched this movie and this movie made me realize that you do not need to use “F” words or focus on sex nor drugs.

Actually I wanted to write more details about the plot but I thought better not to do so. Because this movie is beautifully focused on great funny actions and I’m afraid if I write all details, it looks way too serious 😦 This is the movie you must enjoy visually not by reading! Simply funny and make us feel much better after the movie. I can guarantee many people can leave the movie theater with nice smile.

Enjoy the classic comedy!

More about awesome Johnny English Reborn, visit:

Tank you to OMY for giving me this opportunity 🙂

Preview screening of Bridesmaids – Almost impossible for chick-flick movie. Seriously,did she just say the word “Cu#@”??

21 Jul

“Hard-core chick-flick?” or “Impossible?!” or maybe there are no right words to describe this movie. As you can see from the title “Bridesmaids”, this movie is about marriage. HOWEVER, the focus of the movie is really on female friendship rather than male-female love.

Annie (Kristen Wiig) is a single woman sleeping with the over-confident guy Ted (Jon Hamm) which she hates because she wants to be in a committed relationship. She works in a jewelry store selling engagement rings and finding herself jealous of the happy couples who shop there struggles to sell well and dislikes her job. On top of her lousy love life and the job she hates, she lives with two odd room mates who make her depressing life even more “Perfect”. The only time she finds she can be herself is when she is with her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) that is until the day Lillian gets engaged…

At Lillian’s engagement party, Annie met her fellow bridesmaids: Lillian’s cousin Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey), Lilian’s friend Becca (Ellie Kemper), Lilian’s sister-in-law Megan (Melissa McCarthy) and Helen (Rose Byrne), the gorgeous wife of Lillian’s fiancé’s boss. Then a battle between Helen and Annie kicks off to show who is the best friend of Lillian.

Annie takes Lillian and the bridesmaids to a Brazilian restaurant for lunch before they go to try their wedding clothes. The food there makes everyone except Helen(who didn’t touch her meat) ill with food poisoning…Oh god……I even can’t describe this shocking scene….(Some of you guys really might feel sick when watching this scene!). The match to be Lillian’s best friend escalates and her luck started to decline…They all fly to Las Vegas for the bachelorette party which completely smashes the relationship between Annie and Lillian. For good or for bad, she bumps into Nathan Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd), a friendly traffic cop who tried to give her a traffic fine before ending up with sleeping with him.

When Helen invites Annie for the bridal shower it pushed her totally, impossibly nutty!!!! In the middle of the party Lillian, the bride, forces crazy Annie out and she is not allowed to attend the wedding. When Annie became completely depressed sitting in front of the TV all day bridesmaid Megan finds her and tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself. Finally Annie realizes all her bad luck is actually possible to be changed by herself, and she tried her best to change things…

Do the things go smoothly? Nope. That’s the beauty of this movie. Real life is not as crazy as this movie, however the theme of the film is so like our life. Everything is up to you and things never goes as we plan.

Wanna know more about the details? Well then you better find it out by yourself. Seriously, in both a good and a bad way, it was definitely one of the most shocking and memorable movies I’ve ever seen. Some of you audience will love it and some of you really hate it! I suppose then it’s worth to take a risk?

Thank you for giving me this shocking and crazy experience the writer/director of Bridesmaids and OMY

Fast & Furious 5 – Preview Screening

5 May

Thanks to OMY (, I was given this opportunity to do preview screening of Fast & Furious 5. I must confess that this was the VERY first time for me to watch any of the Fast & Furious series of movies and the only thing I knew before watching this movie was reviews from the people who had been following this series.

This movie is definitely for the people who are looking for pure entertainment. The plot itself is not hard to follow but you can get excitement from cars, races and action.

The story starts with an ex-policeman Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker), who became a car thief, and his girlfriend Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) who try to help her brother, Dominic Toretto, (Vin Diesel) out of prison.

The scene changes to their reunion in Rio de Janeiro where they meet Vince (Matt Schulze), Dominic’s childhood friend. Vince tells them that he knows of a job to steal 3 sports cars from a train. But this plan does not go as they expected. Three DEA agents are killed by other gangs and Dominic, Brian and Mia get blamed for it. Whilst they are hiding from both the gangs and the police they find there is an opportunity to steal $100 million from a business man who has strong connections with the police.

Meanwhile an agent, Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) from the US, is tracing the 3 of them down to ambush them with his team. After this incident, Dominic decides to gather more people to complete this $100 million mission.  At the same time, Agent Hobbs is continuously chasing them.

Dominic and his team’s plan goes well until Hobbs ambushes them a second time. 3 of them end up being sent to the police station. On the way, agent Hobbs and his colleagues are ambushed by the businessman’s gang. When Hobbs is saved by Dominic something starts to change. Hobbs realizes he is being used by the police who are connected with the businessman so he offers to help their mission. 

After a wild car chase with the police and after completing the mission, Hobbs gives Dominic and Brian 24 hours before he starts to search for them again. There are couple of twists and thrills in this movie that you must find out for yourself 🙂

Bored of your ordinary routine life? Go and watch Fast & Furious 5 and get pure excitement!!! 🙂

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MORNING GLORY – Preview Screening

22 Mar

Another great opportunity from OMY, Thank you 🙂 I have attended the movie screening of MORNING GLORYYYYY!!! I must confess when I saw the letter “From the screenwriter of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA” I wasn’t sure if I would EVER enjoy this movie or not. I was kind of afraid the movie might be EXACTLY same as THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. In the past I have encountered some movies which were screen written by same person and all of those movies were just the same. No difference at all.

HOWEVER!!!! Oh god this movie was HILARIOUS, HILARIOUS, HILARIOUUUUUS!!!!!! Different from her previous style and didn’t disappoint at all!!!! Faaaab.

DESPERATION that what it was. When people are desperate they could do ANYTHING and make things happen!!!!!

TV producer Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) was fired from a local TV program although she worked for it very hard. Her desperation for work as a producer made her take a job at “Daybreak” (morning news show) with low pay and ridiculously long hours. No one expected she would be good since the working environment was rather horrible and the staff were working in the chaos. Obviously many producers had quit before she became the producer of this show.

However she was different from other producers. She had fired Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton)’s co-host and could answer all of staffs questions from the first day. She earned some sort of admiration from the staff and also from a fellow producer Adam Bennett (Patric Wilson).

For a replacement of Colleen’s co-host she had decided to hire legendary TV anchor Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) who had no desire to get involved in morning show which broadcast such trivial news as celebrity gossip, weather and cooking etc. Becky was producing an ordinary show, whilst Mike’s attitude wasn’t improving until Becky was told that Daybreak had to close because it had so few viewers.

Their journey of desperation start from here. Join their desperate journey!!!!

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