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Shopping with Mr.Frog

2 Apr

Mr.Frog looks real active with Facebook and Twitter things recently. I’m pretty sure I have NEVER given him a permission to use those account freely, my frustration was growing slowly and slowly……Whether he has noticed my frustration or not, he started to stare at me with UNUSUAL beady eyes last night….To keep my sanity and have a good night sleep, I thought it’s better take him out.Believe me it was not that easy to take a frog shopping who has NEVER been such a busy place!!! I think I did make a right decision not to take him those POSH shops. Last night, I took him to one of big Market in Singapore, in case Mr.Frog behave weird.

Mr.Frog seems okay from beginning, I was half surprised and pleased at the same time. A frog can be a gentle man now and then. 🙂HOWEVER, this comfortable time didn’t continue so long. I don’t know why but Mr.Frog went  TOTAL nuts when we came to a random market’s clothes shop.

He started to jump on those random stuff in the shop and wouldn’t let them go!!! HE SHOULD KNOW, people who works those shops can be REAL scary sometimes. Either they give us AWFUL evil eyes or say something in their own language in a VERY scary way 😦 Luckily, before random staff started to shout at me, I was managed to leave the shop with a lousy frog….. 

It wasn’t easy since Mr.Frog was being SUPER stubborn. At first, I pulled him really hard but he didn’t let clothes go!! I tried to talk with him like adults but he wouldn’t listen to. In a minute I thought, it might be better leave this frog behind and forget about everything. But loyal chick like Hanamitiii could NEVER do such a thing.

I felt like I was staying there FOREVER, in the end I managed to convince him nicely and came home with him.

Oh man. It was like a dangerous adventure (DEFINITELY NOT IN A GOOD WAY)…..It was a defo night for good TEQUILA!!!!!!


Find Mr.Black Frog

8 Mar

I haven’t taken two little frogs outside quite long time. Well, well…..the reason was because Singapore was in the middle of raining season. I was afraid if I took those 2 wild frogs outside, they would go way too wild with amazing amount of rain.  If I had nothing to do, probably I didn’t mind to take them outside, but lemme make you some excuse.

“I WAS BLOODY BUSY!” Trust me, I’ve got important things to do other than chasing crazy frogs 😦

It was super sunny day so I decided to go for walk with 2 frogs…….However the frastration of 2 frogs must have been grate, the minute I open the door, both of them jumped out. Luckily I could catch Mr.Frog however, super fit Mr.Black Frog was way too quick to catch…….

Can you please find Mr.Black Frog with me?

Hot Butt!!!!!

7 Jan

Yes it was my bad…….I became the laziest person on this planet recently and haven’t upload anything about 2 frogs. I didn’t realize this fact until Mr.Black Frog became REAL needy and scary. I wasn’t sure why he took my bangle as hostage but when he did I could tell how desperate he was.

I don’t know if he knew that we hadn’t been active recently but unfortunately there is NOTHING to write about him. I was sending him this signal BUT obviously he didn’t get ANY of my message. I sat down with him and explained about the situation at great length but obviously he didn’t get what I mean…. He really should be more understanding! After the longest talk he finally agreed that it is okay to upload his favorite picture. BELIEVE ME, I wasn’t at all sure about his picture and title BUT I had no choice but taking this offer, I didn’t wana waste any of my time by just discussing things with this creature.

Here is the picture of Mr.Black Frog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When people/frogs became famous

1 Aug

Well….I heard when people became LITTLE famous, some of them would change. ESPECIALLY the one who had never got attention before. I didn’t expect this theory also apply to frogs…..

It was one afternoon, I was cleaning a room with a great mood until I saw something horrible…..

I could see a green object in the corner of my eyes. I tried to ignore HOWEVER this needy Frog was giving me super beady eyes to make me see him. Wana see what he was doing? Well, then lemme show you some of narcissistic picture of him.Thank to all Hanamitiii’s supporters and fans, my blog is getting better and bigger. HOWEVER people are NOT looking for this arrogant Frog! To be honest, Mr.Sheep is far more popular than this green thing! Probably he thinks he became a Hollywood star or super model.

Oh god, I always feel sad to see people/frogs who thinks they are something special when they are not really that special or unique…..

!!!Urgent news!!!

19 Jun

The annoying famous Mr.King Frog is injured!!!!

On June 18th around mid-night,
I wasn’t able to find Mr.King Frog on the bed.

I had been searching him entire Hanamitiii’s place but I coudn’t find him.
When I was about to call the police, I had seen tiny red things under the bed…..
I had a weird feeling when I saw the red object under the bed
and as I worried I saw something I didn’t want to see.

Mr.King Frog had been twisted an unusual way and I found one of his leg is injured pretty badly. He has been hospitalized right after I found him.

Doctors are still not sure how long it will take him to be better.
He is doing his best to recover from the shock and pain he had experienced.
He will be back Hanamitiii place once he is fully recovered.

Hanamitiii joined Twitter, twitter, twitter——-

12 Dec

EVERYONE knows that Mr.Frog forced me to open the Hanamitiii world’s official Facebook site and I decided it would be the end of this “official” thing. I determined to tell Hanamitiiii members off if they start to make another noises next time. BUT things were different this time. I had petition from Mr.King Frog!!!!!!!!!!! The King of Froooog!!!

When I was back from LONGEST sauna session, I saw some green stuff was lying on the bed and it was emitting weird/miserable atmosphere… I was wishing that it would disappear in couple of minutes but it didn’t so I HAD to close the door REAL quiet and headed to the kitchen to have 2 glasses of water.

“What is this giant green stuff thinking…..”

I thought it was better to ask couple of wise people’s opinions so I opened the PC…..It didn’t take so long to figure out what this green stuff was trying to tell me. “Make me Twitter account”, that’s what it was. Website was already opened and shockingly he already have put half of personal information…..I had no idea why he wanted to join Twitter and the reason he stopped making the account half way but something was telling me I better NOT ask anything and get this thing done.

I’m already spiting my thoughts out via this Hanamitiii World, Personal/official facebook, messenger, phone, talking with bunch of people etc and wondering the necessary of this Twitter things. But anyway important thing is Mr.King Frog stopped making awkward atmosphere and I and all Hanamitiii members are having fresh nice days.

Follow me or tweet me back babies 🙂


Mr.King Frog’s little surprise…..

30 Nov

I’m really careless person. In fact many times I was NEARLY hit by car or chilling out when fire thing was going on at upstairs or choose to sleep when MASSIVE earthquake hit our place. Anyway what I’m trying to say here is I DON’T get to surprise so easily. So I could say Mr.King Frog did GREEEAT job to surprise me.

I haven’t seen him for couple of days and I thought he went somewhere to do his own stuffs and I’m pretty sure he was. I’m still NOT sure about the situation……and hoping someone could give me good explanation about this.

When I came back to the hotel to chill out before dinner I saw green stuff on the bed. I thought it was some sort of trick from hotel stuffs but it wasn’t….Mr.King Frog was in our hotel room….I had lost my words when I saw him….I went out to check the room number, it was DEFINITELY the room we were staying…..I checked the windows and everything to find out how he got into our room. But I couldn’t figure out….:( Anyway here is the picture of Mr.King Frog taking little nap…..Does anyone know where he had been and how he broken into our room???!!!