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Mr.Hand’s shrug

23 Oct

Sigh….You smell like garlic dude. 20121018-225731.jpg



Mr.Hand’s Christmas wish

1 Dec

All I want for Christmas is you…………………r credit card honey 😉 Mr.Hand with GIMP2

Mr.Hand’s soft comment

16 Nov

Wow, I’m out of your league?! Well, don’t worry, you are not in my league either!!!!!!!

Mr.Hand’s little………..

15 Aug



Mr.Hand’s reply

4 Aug

You don’t have any right to say that I’m not listening your story. Coz you talk something boring. In fact I should have right to tell you to “SHUT UP”



Mr.Hand’s honest reply

19 Jul

Thanks for your F opinion. But I totally don’t give a sh$% about your opinion. I do what I love and also I didn’t even ask your opinion ab’t this case. Who you think you are!?


Mr.Hand’s suggestion

7 Jul

Wow, you better check your face in a mirror before commenting about mine 🙂