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Little Jazzy time – Part.5

27 Jul

Unpredictable. When it comes to Herbie Hancock album, I can’t predict what might come up next. When I listen to Jazz album I often can tell how it’s going to be like before listen to them from the information of what year it is played, who played etc. HOWEVER it’s almost impossible for me to predict when it comes to Herbie Hancock music/song. BECAUSE he has so many varieties! It’s almost impossible to predict how/what he is going to play!!!!

Today, I have uploaded his single “I thought it was you”, enjoy the light funky touch of Jazz.

For more information about Herbie Hancock:


Little Jazzy time – Part.4

15 Jul

Hot, hot, hoooooootttttt!!! I love most of Jaki Byard’s music/songs, today I’m going to introduce one of his fab music called “Lush Life”.

Whenever I listen to his music/songs I fall into somewhere different. Completely forget everything. My heart start to beat little bit quicker and feel something amazing might gona to happen to me!!!!! The tingly feelings you can have when you are in love with someone/something. GOOOOOODDDD!!!!!!!! Jaki Byard!!! How could you do this to meeeeee!!!!

Hope you can experience this great feeling!! Enjoy!!!! For more information about him visit

Little Jazzy Time – Part.3

3 Jul

I seldom heard bad comment about Bill Evans from someone who I know. This is probably because his play is not too heavy, his play is rather mild. When I hear his music I sometimes feel his play is little bit plain. But must remember, making/doing something simple or mild is actually much harder than making/doing something extreme.

Today I’m introducing Bill Evans’  “Waltz For Debby”. Even you are not a big Jazz fan you might have heard it at Starbucks or some random cafe/bar.  Very easy on your ears and give you great pleasure and relaxation.

Enjoy Bill Evans’ “Waltz Dor Debby”!!!!

O.O.Orange people!!!

21 Aug

OrangeOrangeORANGE!!!! Too many orange people in hot countries! What’s going on? Why do they torture themselves to have orange faces? I wasn’t sure of the reason until recently……..

The Oompa Loompas! Probably that’s what they are trying to look like! I feel a little bit guilty to have made fun of them in the past because I didn’t know they had some sort of mission! Being OOMPA LOOMPAS is the hardest mission. Indeed.To show my respect to these people; Oompa Loompa, Oompa Loompa. Oooooompa Looompas, Oooompa Loompas! I’ve decided to introduce you to some information and a song about Oompa Loompas.Those who are looking for true, serious answers, visit:

Are you looking for random info about Oompa Loompas? Well then VISIT HERE! But I can’t guarantee if this information is true or NOT!


The Curry Song? The Curry Song……The Curry Song!!!!!!

14 Aug

Ok this song seems to have become popular all of a sudden. A lot of people started to post this song on their wall. THEREFORE I was refused to listen to this song. I hate following the trend/popular things. HOWEVER the title of this song started spinning in my head (The Curry Song, The curry Song, THe Curry Song…..) and I couldn’t resist the desire of listening to it ……. Oh man, it’s super cute and fuunnyyyyyy!

Hope you enjoy it too! 🙂

Little Jazzy time – Part.7

28 Apr

Charlie Parker……I’m always amazed how he could make so many different sound depending on the his play. Deep and hot to light and romantic. Miracle always seemed to happened when he played I almost can’t believe those all music were composed/played by the guy who had been suffering from heroin addiction. Or probably he was so sensitive and talented therefore he fallen himself into the addiction to look for some sort of mental stability. 

All the things you are…….Enjoy the music!!!!

More details about Charlie Parker, visit:

Little Jazzy time – Part.6

13 Apr

Bud Powell. He was playing music on my favorite time. Miles Davis was there, Sonny Rollins and  Charlie Parker were there too. All of them had originality and sensitivity on their music and of course our Bud Powell’s play was as great as all these AMAZING people’s!!!!

Although he had gone through many difficulties in his life, he NEVER allowed those sad side effect on his music. Great rhythm and sound always imply great futures and make me want to dance!! Have a little nice Powell time!

To learn more about But Powell, visit