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Baby and me

13 Jul

I met my friend and her little cute baby yesterday 🙂 Look at this picture isn’t he cute?

Its second time I see him. God babies grow so quick!!He was much heavier than last time 🙂

I couldn’t do much last time so I thought its better give him good impression this time:) My genius idea was feed him!!! Food is always good way to make people happy 🙂

BUT it wasn’t easy at all, a month old baby’s neck is almost same as octopus!! They are not very strong and I had to support the neck, on the top of this he wiggle and wiggle!!!!!!

Anyway in the end I think he read the atmosphere: if he wiggle he would get NOTHING 😦 Smart baby, yes you are right if you want something you gata compromise sometime 🙂

I am pretty sure I could give him great impression and little lecture 🙂