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!!!The badge of Mr.Hand!!!

5 Jul

Have you already bought the cup of Mr.Hand? If you have, I’m pretty sure he is giving you a nice cozy relaxi time 🙂

You still haven’t got one?? Well you better hurry up! 🙂 Join us and have a super relaxi time!!!!!

By the way, in case you already have Mr.Hand’s cup but want to have some more Mr.Hand’s stuffs, or you prefer something smaller than a cup so you can carry it around. Well well, don’t worrrrryyyyyyyy!!!!! There is something PERFECT for youuuuu!!!!!

THE BADGE OF MR.HAND!!!!THE BADGE OF MR.HAND!!!!How cool is this? You can pin this badge on your T-shit, bag, cap or even on your brassiere—–:) !!!!

Walk around with him everyday so you can feel happier and sexier than ever!!!

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The mug of Mr.Hand

30 Jun

Mr. Hand’s T-shirt is still on the process at moment….. I’ve got super JUICY info to share with you guys!!! Mr.Hand’s mug is available now! 🙂

Fed up with your partner? Stay with Mr.HandSick of your job and boss? Stay with Mr.HandWana feel wild and sexy? Well….STAY WITH MR.HAND!!!!

The people who know my contact details, simply contact me somehow. You don’t know me that well??

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