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Hanamitiii Hanamitiii what is the purpose of your blog??

10 Nov

Question from Ms.GL : Hanamitiii Hanamitiii as long as I see your blog it seems you are not taking things serious, what’s the purpose of your blog???

I don’t blame Ms.GL. Indeed my blog seems way too laid back and there is not seriousness going on. BUT that is the PURPOSE of my blog!!! Like zillions of other people I have feelings other than joy and excitement such as frustrations, anger, disappointment, sadness. I am writing a book about those all ugly and REAL side of human being at moment. I’m pretty sure you can learn lots from those kinda serious books but you CAN’T have relaxation AT ALL. I sometimes have to have time off from my book since contents are way too heavy.

I was looking for little oasis for myself and I’m pretty sure for many other people. When you are tired of something worst thing you could do is going into something SERIOUS or NEGATIVE.

BELIEVE ME, it’s SUPER hard to keep hight happy spirit and write things down especially when I had a tough day or when I’m in REAL bad mood. BUT the reason for keep doing this is because after I wrote those happy casual stuffs I always feel relaxed and bringing same kinda effect on the people who read my blog. In fact visitors of my blog is expanding every months 🙂

Make serious stuffs into casual is much harder than just only write serious stuffs down sometimes 🙂 Life is already tough and heavy why can’t we take some heaviness off now and then??!!


What were you and Hanamitiii members doing!!!???

29 Oct

Question from Mr.QQ; I saw you and Hanamitiii members yesterday at the random bus stop. What were you guys exactly doing???

Back in 3 months ago people DIDN’T care if I was doing this kinda thing!!! I TOTALLY forgot Hanamitiii blog’s hit is getting bigger EVERY SINGLE DAY and which mean I have to be MORE careful what to say/do.

Mr.QQ, As millions of artists say, I felt something VERY strong, it was beautiful impulse and passion etcetc…I got involved in all members who were happened to be there (Adrianiii; right/Lesminiii; taking photo) and started to do little dance. Sometimes UNEXPECTED things happen in your life 🙂

Have a nice day!!!


Does Mr.Sheep has siblings?

27 Jul

I’ve start to receive millions of questions regarding to Hanamitiii World members. So thought better answer for those random questions to satisfies all curious people.

The most asked question was “Does Mr.Sheep has siblings”. The answer is “YES”. He has about 200 siblings and he used to hand out with them a lot. When he was 9 years old (about 22 years old in human’s age) his father told him to have little adventure to be a MAN. I and Mr.Sheep bumped into each other in the little forest and started to hang out now and then.

He sometimes misses his family and drinking to forget about the pain. But I’m pretty sure he will be fine sometime soon 🙂

I hope you are relived from this wonder and finally could have little peace in your life.