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ESTEE LAUDER – Advanced Night Repair Collection

4 May

Living in tropical country is great, beautiful sunshine, no need to wear thick clothes to go outside etcetc. HOWEVER I must say when it comes to skin care….Oh gosh it’s so hard!!

As you know when we are exposed to sunshine too much, it cause such as spots, freckle and wrinkle etc. To avoid these problems, it is essential to wear sun-protection to go outside and to avoid super oily face it’s important to wear powder or foundation on the top of it and since air is so humid, there is necessity of applying powder/foundation again and again. What makes this situation more difficult is because basically there is no break. Keep doing this 12 months a year and on the top of this, skin is fighting against millions of dusts and mold which contained in the air….So yeah having this condition 12 months without a break is not that easy at all!!!!

My skin was CRYING for help!!!!

I was feeling my skin was not that elastic and smooth, I knew it was the time for run to the FAB quality brand ESTEE LAUDER!!! Simple is best believer Hanamitiii was kinda bummed out at first that I’ve got this serum thing. I thought this thing would make more trouble for my everyday skin care, BUT yes yesย  yessssss!! It did totally worth it!!!!! My skin felt so different in the morning!! And shockingly I could tell since the day 1!!! And also it’s not that hard to use as well.

This clever serum repairs your past/present damage of your skin and prevent future’s damage. After wash your face, use your favorite toner then apply this serum (cherry size) and finish with your night cream.

Go to ESTEE LAUDER and pamper your tired skin.

More details of this serum, visit:

More details of ESTEE LAUDER, visit (You can choose the country from this web as well):

Adios ๐Ÿ™‚


Amazingly easy and effective for any kind of SKIN

17 Dec

Okay…..So this is SECOND time for me to break my precious rib. I almost feel privileged to have this weak rib. Thanks my DNA!!!

Anyway if you experienced rib crack/breakage you MUST understand importance of simpleness and easiness. One huge problem this breakage bring is… it’s super super difficult to move arms all over the directions.

I’ve got this Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel couple of weeks ago at the airport. I thought this Ci:Labo thing is super genius for traveling. Oh god, this product is just so simple and SUPER easy to use. You can consider this one Gel = Toner (Lotion), cream, Beauty essence, make up base etc. I was keeping this till the fantastic traveling day comes….

BUUUT Rib breaker Hanamitiii thought this was the time for me to open this box to keep my skin amazing and make less damage on my rib. In the past I used those “All in one” type stuff and ALL OF THEM brought nothing but disappointment. I had my hope very low. HOWEVER honestly, this product is AMAAAZING. Apply 2 pearl size of Gel in the morning, cherry size in the evening on your face and neck.

You can feel the difference of your skin right after you use this Gel. Great condition of water, oil and have miracle elastic!! I choose Super sensitive type because it doesn’t include any perfume, mineral oil, preservative, alcohol, color, petroleum-derived surface-active agents . There are couples of more depend on your need.

Here is the link for all the details. [] Unfortunately it’s seems via on line you can’t get whatever you can get in the shop. When I was in Japan there is couple of more products you can’t purchase on line and actually there was couple of more products you can’t even see on this web site. If you have chance to visit one of these shops or Narita airport, you MUST buy them!!!!

Enjoy your smooth beautiful skin ๐Ÿ™‚

Baby skin!!!For dry/SUPER dry skin – Goku jyun HA lotions(ROHTO Co.,Ltd)

7 Dec

My skin was sooo needing GREAT amount of liquid and nice portion of oil. I thought so little ofย  winter in Tokyo. OHMIGOOOOD the air was impossibly dry and my skin went total dry. It was almost as dry as random dry food.

Greatly this ROHTO’s Goku jyun (for dry skin) was available at a convenience store and the effect of this product was amazing.

Firstly this product doesn’t include artificial color, odor and free from oil and alcohol. So super suitable for sensitive skin person.

Apply a cherry size lotion on your face and neck by using your palm and pat until your face skin start to stick on your palm. Make sure to wait until your skin absorb lotion. Apply cream on your face and neck and wrap your face with your palms until your face start to feel warm. And HAVE A COMFORTABLE SLEEP!!!!!

You can feel super elastic on your skin in the morning!!!! If you are normal/combination/oily skin and want to have super baby skin by using product you can try Light Type. This type doesn’t include artificial color, odor and free from oil. (If you have allergy to alcohol I don’t recommend you to use it.)

Have a nice try and get a beautiful baby skin!!

Make up remover – For Normal/dry skin

28 Oct

My skin got drier than EVER!!!! I thought it’s time to go back where I used to be…. The product I used to use…

I often hear since oil type remover is really effective for removing make ups and dirt, they also remove essential oil from your skin, which cause super dryness. BUT don’t worry there is a great remover for dry skin people like you.

NOEVIR GROUP’s NAMERAKA HONPO MEIKUOTOSHI OIL (In front package show: TOUNYU-ISOFURABON GANYUUNO MEIKU OTOSHI)!!!!!! This includes no artificial-odor/no-artificial color. Suitable for sensitive skin people as well.

Great things about this remover are 1. Remove strong make up very easily (including stubborn mascara!!) 2. DOESN’T remove necessary oil from your skin ๐Ÿ™‚

Push 2-3 times and massage your skin with this oil then rinse with warm water or cold water. Make sure not to rub your skin too harsh when you massage. You can already tell how smooth your skin become when you are rinsing your face with water. After that just wash your face with face wash and go to your routine skin care.

If you are oily type and want to use oil remover go with THE FACE SHOP’s MIGAMSU (BRIGHTENING RICE WATER CLEANING OIL) (refer-Skin care-make up remover)

Keep going girls and some boys to have excellent skin ๐Ÿ™‚

Face Moisturizers – To keep great condition of your face skin

8 Sep

Isn’t it great feeling that you touch your face in the morning and you can feel how soft your skin is!!???

It is super important to use fine products to keep your skin condition good. Such as great make up removers, face wash, toner, moisturizer, lotions etc. I’ve already introduced great make up removers the other day so today I would love to introduce 2nd important thing for your skin.

After using make up remover, washing your face, your skin lose huge amount of water,oil etcetc. So it is essential you to give the skin some great nutrition. Good moisturizer gives your skin a fantastic balance of water and oil.

If you could it’s even better to use different kind of moisturizer depend on the seasons or your body condition as well. And of course beauty effort should be taken 24 hours a day ๐Ÿ™‚ It sound just way too much effort but it is really as not as complicate as you think. You will know after you read this.

Always remember to pick the products which don’t allow your skin produce too much oil during day time and really important to use the products which give you great moisture for your skin at night-time.

First one is Sukin’s Facial Moisturiser. This is a super basic moisturizer you can get. If you never use moisturizer in the past and have no clue what to get, go for this product. Great thing about this moisturizer are very simple to use. You can use it for day and night and it doesn’t include all bad chemicals such as artificial color, parabens etc.ย  Only problem of this moisturizer is, this cream is really thick. So it might take little time to let your skin absorb this cream, just make sure not to use too much. Apply pearl size cream all over your face and neck. Suitable for dry-normal skin, if you are oily skin type, you can use it for winter season. Make sure to enjoy the great smell of this product as well!!!!

This one is Body Shop’s Smoothing day cream (NUTRIGANICS series). Great thing about this product are very watery compare with other moisturizer so it allow your skin absorb this cream quick and never get greasy during day time. Although it says day cream, it doesn’t include any sun screen. So you need to apply sun protection on the top of this cream. Apply kidney beans size cream all over your face and neck as well. Suitable for normal-oily skin. If you are dry skin type, I recommend you to use liquid type foundation afterwards so your skin won’t be dry. Enjoy the smoothness of this cream!!!!