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Things you must do when you are bored – Little prank- Accidental poop

28 Dec

Well my defense is that people SHOULDN’T have a little doze when I’m around at CHRISTMAS time!!!! Seriously, this Christmas tradition to eat, drink and sleep……is driving me craaaazyyyyyyyyy I’m REALLY having trouble to resist doing little pranks!!! I thought it already became EVERYONE’S common knowledge by now….that……I’m a TINY MISCHIEVOUS girl who LOVES little pranks….

But Mr.TT wasn’t careful enough. He was at Hanamitiii’s place around Christmas time……He told me that he felt a bit tired….and went to sleep like a random bear. Well things happened after he slept….I was kinda bored and a little naughty thought crossed my mind.



I had tryied to shake this naughty thought off so many times, BUT, BUT, BUUUUUUTTTT, TT didn’t wake up and I was really bored. It was time.

I’m sorry but it’s partly your fault, TT.It was REAL hard to hold myself together and NOT to giggle or laugh. BUT lemme tell you one thing. This prank is the easiest and funniest one on this planet πŸ™‚

When TT found this drawing he didn’t look like he really appreciated it…. This reaction made me feel that I wanna make it normal practice at Hanamitiii place, for sure!

I, Hanamitiii am still looking for this opportunity. EVERYONE, watch out when you sleep πŸ™‚


OHMIGO……So pregnant!!!!!

30 Jul

Well I was about to take little doze on my ship (refer-hanamitiii: Do boys like Hanamitiii world better than girls do?) BUT one message remind me little important thing!!!! I totally forgot about clear this pregnant wonders from people!!!

Well TT is kinda being REAL careful recently. I thought it’s time to find another nice prank victims. I thought Facebook is the great way to find good victims. In a minute I thought it’s good idea to say “I CHANGES MY HAIR STYLE TO BALD” but really “Who really cares if I become bald or not??!!” Also it’s a LIE!!!! I love pranks but I don’t like lies. So I came up with GREAT idea. Open sentence. I and Mr.Frog put this “OHMIGO….So pregnant!!” on my status. It’s NOT a lie because I didn’t say I’M PREGNANT!!!

I was kinda expecting to receive “OHMIGOOOD YOU PREGNANT??!!!” or “REALLY?! THAT’S AMAZING”.Β  Many people contact with me through Facebook/text message, MSN messanger etcetc but NO ONE reactΒ  as I expected. People are SMAETER than I thought. They were asking like “Who got pregnant?” “You are not preggy aren’t you?”

hum….BELIEVE ME this is NOT what I wanted to have from you guys.

Suprise Belly Slap

27 Jul

TT became one of MUST person in Hanamitiii World. He is just PERFECT for all sort of traps/pranks. He always makes good reactions!!!! πŸ™‚ Good work TT!!

We were kinda bored with soft-core pranks so we’ve been talking about doing hard-core pranks sometimes soon!!! Belly Slap!! was the prank we came up with. We were waiting this opportunity for ages and FINALLY we had great chance to make it REAL!!!

TT was having little nap so Mr.Black Frog made sure to cover his eyes to block all lights/movement whatsoever out. I had been REAL careful not to make any sounds….

BEEEEELLLY SLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAP!!!! It went really well. TT jumped up with surprise and he seemed little annoyed but it was totally worth it!!!

It’s a shame I couldn’t take any video but BELIEVE ME it was real fun!!! I can’t still forget his face.

If you have chance try it on Sunday afternoon. I’m pretty sure you would like it!!

Little desert trap – TT

20 Jul

I looooove trapping people!!

And when it comes to deserts TT is the easiest target I ever trapped. Anyway, I was NOT feeling very happy in this couple of days because of Mr.Sheep’s drinking habit (Refer Mr.Sheep series) or Mr.Black Frog anger things (Refer-(games)-Find Mr.Black Frog) so I told TT that I wana eat little sweet stuff to cheer myself up.

I think TT is slightly concern about his weight and told me “Okay I’m not gona have it” but BELIEVE ME!! I never failed to trap him.

Fun thing about trapping TT are 1. He always say I don’t wana have them even he loves sweet stuff 2.Always ended up saying “Can I have a bite?” 3. His bite is much bigger than my one bite so he ended up with eating most of desert πŸ™‚ 4. He feel slightly guilty after he eats and realizes whole trap thing after he sees my huge grin on my face. Well if he wants to eat desert he shouldn’t resist it because it is unhealthy.

Oh god I felt so much better, wonder who can be the next target πŸ™‚