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Report of the little vacation pt.13

7 Sep

Little cat must felt something or maybe she saw me when I was experiencing danger of rock mountain (Refer: Travel-report of the little vacation pt.12), one stray cat came toward me.

At that time I was eating Pringles to recharge my energy. The cat was staring at me and I was staring at her. We are sending message each other through eyes. I don’t know how long we had been starting at each other but she was DEFO sending me this message:”I totally understand your feeling sis”.  

That was the time I decided to share Pringles with her. I didn’t expect she would understand taste of human being stuff BUT she was defo understanding the taste of Pringles!!!

Miracle Pringles, this thing even give little pleasure to cats as well…

To be continued…..

Report of the little vacation pt.12

30 Aug

I remembered a great climber said “There are mountains therefore I climb”. As an one of dangerous adventure lovers, Hanamitiii had to take a risk and climb up little rock mountain during this trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I climbed and I climbed…..I was getting there, I was TOTALLY understanding those dangerous climbers!!!! It was great feeling to climb 🙂UNTIL I realize I hate height. By the time I’ve got top of the little mountain it was too late to do anything. I was like one of those cats that climb up places to places and ended up NOT possible to come down. I was shaking, shaking and had to ask for help in the end.

Lesson learned. Don’t do climbing if you afraid of height….Indeed life is learning.

Report of the little vacation pt.11

20 Aug

Well, we were having little doze on the beach. Scary thing about beach is…This thing make us forget EVERYTHING!! As a result, we TOTALLY forgot about Mr.Frog’s coconuts fight thing as well. (Refer-Travel-Report of the little vacation pt.10). I was started to worry about little Mr.Frog….. He had been there by himself REAL long!!!! I hassled Hanamitiii members and ran to the coconuts place!!!!!

Shocking thing about this coconuts fight was Mr.Frog was still there and fighting against coconuts!!! WHAT A TOUGH FROG!!!!! MIRACLE thing happened right after we saw this hanging frog. Some how a coconut fallen down!!!!!!!!

We asked nicely to an Indonesian guy to cut this precious coconut up.

NEVER GIVE UP. That’s what I’ve learned from Mr.Frog 🙂 What a deep frog!!!

To be continued…..

Report of the little vacation pt.10

18 Aug

Little amount of beer gave NO effect on me!!!!!!!! But it was different when it came to 2 frogs. (Refer-Travel-Report of the little vacation pt.9). Especially Mr.Frog was REAL fun when he was little tipsy!!!!! He became REAL laid back frog, giggling a lots and did lots of CRAZY stuff!!!

The thing happened when we bumped into this coconut tree. I don’t know what Mr.Frog thought but he started to climb up on this tree. He was hanging there for a while and something was telling us it would be like this REAL long. So we decided to leave Mr.Frog and headed to the beach……

To be continued…..

Report of the little vacation pt.9

17 Aug

Hummmm in our defense is……TT said he would join the drinking session previous night, but he DIDN’T in the end. As a result we had some left over booze in our room. Environment friendly people/frog like us didn’t want to waste any single thing. Which obviously include booze as well. Fine we started to drink from 8 o’clock in the morning, which is bit early for drinking but we were ON vacation!! Because of this craziness we could have fantastic start on the second day of this trip 🙂