Mr.Hand’s little………..

15 Aug




Mr.Hand’s reply

4 Aug

You don’t have any right to say that I’m not listening your story. Coz you talk something boring. In fact I should have right to tell you to “SHUT UP”



Little Jazzy time – Part.5

27 Jul

Unpredictable. When it comes to Herbie Hancock album, I can’t predict what might come up next. When I listen to Jazz album I often can tell how it’s going to be like before listen to them from the information of what year it is played, who played etc. HOWEVER it’s almost impossible for me to predict when it comes to Herbie Hancock music/song. BECAUSE he has so many varieties! It’s almost impossible to predict how/what he is going to play!!!!

Today, I have uploaded his single “I thought it was you”, enjoy the light funky touch of Jazz.

For more information about Herbie Hancock:

Today’s Mr.Sheep

23 Jul

Sliding down the railing


Mr.Hand’s honest reply

19 Jul

Thanks for your F opinion. But I totally don’t give a sh$% about your opinion. I do what I love and also I didn’t even ask your opinion ab’t this case. Who you think you are!?


Little Jazzy time – Part.4

15 Jul

Hot, hot, hoooooootttttt!!! I love most of Jaki Byard’s music/songs, today I’m going to introduce one of his fab music called “Lush Life”.

Whenever I listen to his music/songs I fall into somewhere different. Completely forget everything. My heart start to beat little bit quicker and feel something amazing might gona to happen to me!!!!! The tingly feelings you can have when you are in love with someone/something. GOOOOOODDDD!!!!!!!! Jaki Byard!!! How could you do this to meeeeee!!!!

Hope you can experience this great feeling!! Enjoy!!!! For more information about him visit

Find Mr.Black Frog

11 Jul


He is super good looking.

He is tough and wild.

he make all girls crazy.


Sometimes he can be F irrational frog.

Can you pleae help me to find Mr.Black frog???